How to Solve Dog Allergies

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Dog allergies are a major concern and can result in suffering for your dog and expensive veterinarian visits when all it takes is this diet to solve the problem.

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Frankie Cummins says:

I'm so glad I saw this today… I know this is what's causing my boys problems now. He has sores on his body and two larger weepy bald spots on his head above his eyes as well as chronic ear infection and excessive waxiness. The vet has given him anti-biotics and steroids which cause him to feel nervous and I just don't like that… if you look closely you can see Knuckles under the tree in my profile photo… he's a beautiful 5 year old American Bulldog! I'm so proud of him! When I switch to a raw diet should I taper the diet or just switch it completely?

yumyaw says:

@danscott my dog keeps licking his paws, he bites his back close to his tail (he now has a sour), he bites at his hind legs, and scratches underneath his chin. I switched from natural balance to Blue wilderness salmon flavor. Supposedly it's no grain and chicken by products in it but I did read that there's some chicken meal. Do I switch him completely to raw diet and get rid of all the dog food. Can I feed him cooked unseasoned salmon too?? Please answer, I would really love it

AwakeDude911 says:

what about boxers they seem to gulp down anything would smaller or larger bones be best for a breed that just swallows their  food whole?

Cocoa Lab says:

I took a food allergy test ($147.00).  I am allergic to pork, barley, duck, and soybean.  Went to  4 different vets all having their own style from systemic antibiotics, to ear drops, to DMG drops.    Hated my ears being cleaned up to 3 times per day. Red eyes and developed an ear hematoma from smacking my head against the wall. Finally saw great results when I ate a RAw dog food diet in 14 days!!  I eat Rice and varied protein source such as salmon heads and tails or beef, sometimes eggs are added, yogurt, and a little parsley or collard greens.  I do not care for apples or any fruits.   I just spit them out.

Dan Scott says:

Hi, yes sorry about site offline, my c.card was compromized and billing for hosting dropped. All sorted, site up by tomorrow. Definitely here for dogs switching to raw for life, too important! The link is right under the video above.

Book does have some cool ideas on getting meats/bone cheap and also free, plus a resource list. Hope that helps, just ask for further help.

Dan Scott says:

It WILL be the answer and your dog will benefit in so many ways, it will bring tears of joy to your eyes.

You can get my book or just ask for help if you need it. All the best… our dogs deserve a natural healthy diet. Once started he will be in great shape in about 8 weeks and you'll never look back.

Dan Scott says:

Hi, yes confusion sells! In a nutshell this diet is raw meat on the bone, organ meat and some vegetable matter. Supplementation is mostly not necessary and un-quantifiable ie who knows what it's doing and if its the right amount or not. A good diet does not need supplements period.

Expensive commercial dog food is the same as cheap dog food just better marketing-don't be fooled!

Raw is the answer, it's natural to the canine & works best period. I wrote the A to Z on switching, see link above.

Karen Challender says:

ps.. our dog has allergies to food and we have tried all the very expensive, supposedly great dry dog foods out there. Nothing really completely helps him.. Hoping a raw diet might be the answer.

Karen Challender says:

Hi Dan.. I've been watching all your videos. Great information! After the latest food recall, which included our dogs food, we've decided we're done playing around with his health and want to get him on a homemade dog diet.. I've done a lot of research on it, but it's all pretty confusing. Some "experts" state we'll need to add all kinds of extra supplements, making it sound very hard to do. Are you saying all he really needs is raw meat and some veggies? No extra supplements, etc? 

gjbfn says:

@danscott888 – thanks – I'll let you know how it works out!

Dan Scott says:

@gjbfn Start with chicken for one week then move onto lamb, tripe, beef etc and see which your dog prefers. At the butcher's fine or local grocery does not matter. Make the pieces larger than can be swallowed so your dog has to work on it and don't worry about (soft pliable raw) chicken bones, your dog wont!
If you need all the in's and out's of feeding this way with tips, how to's and detailed information, my book is available from the blog-link under video.
Best of luck & ask if you need help.

gjbfn says:

@danscott888 Great – thanks so much! Any suggestion on what to start with – Chicken, beef, lamb or turkey? Or a little of all….And should these be purchased at a butcher – or is ok to purchase from the local grocery? Sorry for so many questions – I want to make sure I get this right.
Thanks Again!

Dan Scott says:

@gjbfn Hi, omega 3's are a good thing for sure. However by going raw fed, supplements become unnecessary, just feed a selection of meats on the bone and a small amount of vegetable matter and your done. Raw green tripe is awesome if you can find it. It contains omega 3's, veg, plus a 50:50 calcium/phosphorous mix (meat/bone).
As supplements have never been tested on dogs, we dont know what we are doing, it's all guess work. A simple raw food diet fixes much and stops the vet visits-Done!

gjbfn says:

Hello! What are your thoughts on Omega 3's as a supplement to aid against allergy symptoms? I have been thinking of the raw diet for our bloodhound as well – but havent gotten that far. I've recently read up about omega 3's – what do you think?
Thanks so much!

Dan Scott says:

@DropYourAllergies Hi, Let me just get this straight with you guys. The reason dogs get allergies from the environment is because of immune system response to commercial dog food ie fillers, chemicals and corn suppress their immune system and leave them exposed to many allergies.

Everyone wants to make a buck off dogs-just feed them an approximation of a naturally occuring raw food diet (canine carnivore diet) and all else is taken care of. Simple, overall cheaper, strong immune system-DONE!

Dan Scott says:

@MrEquin35 Hi, yeah sure there's other causes for allergies in dogs but food my friend when it comes in cans and packets is highly allergenic period and IS the biggest cause of allergies in dogs. Your a vet that's great, we need vets but we also need canine nutritionists who 'really' know what they are talking about when it comes to dog nutrition and correct diet for their health, wellbeing and immune system support.
It's through good diet dogs ward off the other allergens you mention.

MrEquin35 says:

This man is talking as the only cause of allergy is foof ,This is a false statement because allergy in dogs are related to many factors as fleas ,envoronmental allergen ,hormonal disturbance and also food allergy which is not the most frequent cause ,so this man is very strange ,I m a vet and i know what i m talking about (english is not my first language )

Dan Scott says:

@Pscheelar Hi Again (replied to previous thread on this). Will say though, your on the right track. Your Lab (wonderful dog…I've had two) has a lot to detox so expect the itching and It will pass over the next couple of weeks. Ask if you need further help.

Dan Scott says:

@jortiz9758 Hi and well said "I too started with just thinking ''dog food" was dog food". This is the crux of the problem as most think canned and kibble are acceptable as nutrition for dogs, not realizing it's the cause of so much pain and future suffering for our pets when a little knowledge about whats right for dogs will see them to a long healthy life with greatly reduced costs for us-a win win situation.

CasaDeOrtiz Dragons says:

@redpinto He did not pitch anything. He was not trying to sell you anything and did not name any specific products. A good quality food is essential for a dog if you want to get rid of allergies. Most supermarket brand food and even some of the bigger names have ingredients in them that would turn your stomach.
I have an English Bully and know first hand what a bad and healthy diet will do. I too started with just thinking "dog food" was dog food. Switched foods and all the problems went away.

Dan Scott says:

Hi, facts and figures about how much commercial dog food is affecting our dogs, just to get people thinking and not a pitch in sight (not the way I do things). Your perception is your projection.

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