Meet the Glam November Planner Collection!

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Paper & Glam Fam,

We’ve been hard at work towards a very glam November! Today I’m so excited to debut her! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Before I filmed this video I took Sunday (my pup) on a long run and took in some pretty brutal allergies but I wanted to get a video up nonetheless, so thanks in advance for always watching with grace.

Grateful for each of you,

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Julian Spulian says:

Hi! What printer do you use, if I may ask??

Chris.Benita Abeyta says:

Yay! You're back!

Tracy J says:

Hi Lisamarie, i've been watching many of your videos over the last year or so, really enjoy them. i happened to see another you-tuber doing a plan with me that included Cinderella theme stickers of yours…might those still be available? or brought back at some time? Thanks much for all of your posts, Tracy

Miki Thompson says:

PS – Glam Office (swoon)

Miki Thompson says:

I treated myself to a bunch of stuff. Trying to simplify my planning and enjoy it again. I love the cohesive look of my planner now. Always been my favorite channel and stickers and I am so glad I took the plunge. Now what to do with all my old stickers…..

Hope Padgett says:

How do I subscribe to glam mail monthly? when I go to checkout on the website with glam november there isn't a subscription option.

Sheek T. says:

Hello @LisaMarie I am trying to purchase the physical November basics and headers but you only have October up. Is November only available in digital?

nursekls09 says:

I just purchased my digital glam planner for this year and love it. Can you say when the 2017 digital planner will be available? I love your "inside my planner" videos

Paula Brandenburg says:

Beautiful stamps….I hear Sunday barking in the background….she needs some camera time!!!!

Dana Jordan says:

I just planned last night with Glam October! I love you and your stickers!!!! You are great God bless

Lyn Morris says:

Love the new releases as I usually do. Can't wait until I can afford to stock up on the digital I'm missing. What's the washi tape that you have used on the core glam release bundles on this video?

yolanda mcfollie says:

Omg can't wait to get mine!!!

Carolyn Zook says:

You are so, so inspiring.

Jennifer Riedel says:

Paper & Glam stickers are awesome! The best quality, colors, and details I've ever seen and I've tried a lot!!

PlannedGlamLiving says:

Keep up the amazing work! Thanks for all those amazing stickers.

Bambkuss says:

O m g, I love glam eats 😍😍😍

Kelsey Nelson says:

I'm so excited to start a glam mail subscription for 2017! Yaaaaaaas!

Robin Wagganer says:

See what happens when you're loved and you keep giving us everything we want? Not enough hours in the day. God bless, Lisamarie and keep up the good work.

abzster53 says:

yay new video!! =)

Amy Schmackle says:

Hallmark christmas movies come out on the 28 or 29 of October. Hope you enjoy in the fun!

Kalen Clark says:

This helped me as a newbie SO much – thanks, girl! :)

Jennifer Yousfi says:

Love all of this! A little disappointed that I pre-ordered November instead of subscribing. I love, love, love the Election Freebie. Any chance of being able to order that a la carte? :)

Love.Heart.Life says:

Love your face Lisamarie! I am hanging out for your glamplanner release, collecting all the glam stickers in the meantime. xoxo

Natalie Evans says:

Love all of this, thanks for the preview and greetings from the UK 💖

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