Best Little Cat House Owner Allergic to Cats!!

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Despite her severe allergies to cats, Cat House owner Divinity Libby struggles through to provide an unmet need for luxurious accommodations in a truly cage-free exclusive resort and spa environment because of her love for cats that make the swollen eyes all worth it.


Camille McNichols says:

That's kinda of ridiculous! I'm allergic to cats too.

Collizion AJ says:

I'm allergic to cats but not bad just tiny itchy spots but it's not bad at all

a1b2c3e4 says:

I just found out i'm severely allergic to my cats also.
I love cats 🙁 I refuse to get rid of them.

shp0ngle says:

What a hero. ;)

mraratapa says:

Your allergies to cats can create more severe chronic health problems later in life if you don't control your allergy triggers now. Do the smart thing for yourself and say goodbye to the meow and start living a healthier life. 

rockshock06 says:

Thats really stupid of her to still be working over there and still suffering. No matter how much she likes cats, her health is more important. 

SlasherStudios says:

*Hives *face

SlasherStudios says:

I have a puppy, when I first got her She licked my face and I got mild (not very bad) gives on my ace (just my face even though she licked my hands to) but after about 2 weeks I was basically immune to it, since we got a non shedding dog. But cats is worse , I usually only get itchy eyes around dogs and that's it (depends on if the dog sheds a lot or if it sheds at all) but with cats I get a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. But I really want a cat someday 🙁 Any suggestions to get rid of allergies? Again mine are only a little more than mild for cats I only get hives if Im in a small room with a lot of cats. 

PurdyBear1 says:

You can get de-sensitizing injections for severe allergies. If I was proposed to by someone who didnt want my pets then I would say BYE SEE YOU LATER – if you don't take them then you don't take me.

Most people are either allergic to the dander from the fur or the spital. If it is the first then a cat with a low dander coat maybe the answer.

Lastly allergies should never be ignored as they can lead to Anaphylaxia which you need adrenalin shots to survive an attack.

Leah Hunt says:

Can't you get a mask or even work with dogs 😒

flukeman022 says:

Wouldn't it been better if you did a service for dogs? If it's getting worse you may need a mask

shaolinwisdom says:

That's insane. It's irresponsible to yourself to keep yourself in that situation, it's not safe. I've spent sleepless nights at a family member's house who has a cat. I was scratching, coughing, sniffling, runny nose, the whole thing. I've taken every type of medication for it, it never helped enough that I could be comfortable.

inkey2 says:

same situation with me……see my posting

inkey2 says:

you could try having allergy shots. Thats what I am doing. You will have one shot a week for about 6 months then have 2 shots per week till you feel results. It usually takes a year before the shots work. Also….get a large air purifier "for each room". I took in a stray cat and nursed him back to health. I just can't give him up. He only trusts me, he's afraid of anyone else. I could not live with myself if I gave him up. The rest of my life I would wonder how he is or if he is even alive

lynnbrady40 says:

theres a NEW safe pill i think anyone can get at i think petsupplies plus,you put it in the kittys food

nigmafrost says:

tell me this… animals or no animals… why the fuck would you want to put up with shit like this.

my fiancee has 2 cats, and when i proposed to her i told her that shes not bringing her cats into our house. this would be a relationship breaking decision for me. i cant handle sneezing every 2 seconds for the rest of my life.

MrsMusicalMe says:

I just found out I am very allergic to cats and my allergist said that I need to get rid of my cats but I just don't have the heart to do that so I'm trying to find a way to keep them and minimize my allergy :(

Keenan Brooks says:

haha i love cats but im super allergic

ratedEG says:

Im very allergic to cats , but my girlfriend has a siberian and it is not bad at all.

6t76t says:

I'm allergic to cats and own one, because she was a feral, and I don't want her to die without a family.

Kiba Hatred says:

WoW, I'm so proud of her! She's allergicc to them and still she is together with them <33

The 8-Bit Guy says:

She's pretty cute – too bad about the allergies. I love cats, can't stand dogs. Don't know what I'd do if I were allergic to cats.

TheSneezy44 says:

i love this vid!!

TheSneezy44 says:

would love to see her sneeze!

nano3pop says:

Ugh!! I'm allergic to cats too! I was over my friends house yesterday and she has 6 cats. I now have a stuffy nose, itchy watery eyes, and a huge rash on my arm. When I get around cats I have the allergy symptoms for about a week which totally sucks because I want to be a vet!

zorakio2 says:

i wish i was there

meekmeek says:

poor thing

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