A Guide to Seizure Management for Emergency Medical Responders

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As an EMS responder, chances are you’ll encounter a person either experiencing a seizure or just recovering from one. For the patient, it can be a scary experience, especially for those who’ve had a seizure for the first time. They will look to you for reassurance and safety. Armed with appropriate knowledge, you’ll be able to offer them answers, comfort and care.


billubakra007 says:

Do we turn the people on the side so that the breathing is okay and
nothing goes in the lungs, after the convulsions have stopped or during
the convulsions?

Shane Straw says:

i literally live in stevens point.

Shirley Deatherage says:

I had one.. new, to me

KhmerD0g says:

People with seizure should smoke weed. It is proven medication.

Samantha Fariestar says:

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michael wood says:


Bhupi Singh says:

really very informative and teaching oriented

Kevin James says:

I've had about 15-20 Seizures I haven't had one in over a year thanks to my neurologist and medication.

Danielle Murphy says:

i have seizure sent i was a baby

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