5 Easy Tips For Dealing with Allergies

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Spring allergies are the worst. If you want to treat your pollen allergies and know how to deal with sneezing all the time, check out these 5 tips that will help cure your allergic reactions.

How do allergies interfere with your life?

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Party 5101 says:

*sees orange juice


*chugs five jugs of orange juice

Hannah Nicole says:

I'm suffering for it right now I got a really bad sore throats and coughing and headaches

T Whip says:

i got all year round allergies i hate it

Danielle The cry baby says:

my allergy is so bad for no reason i always have a runny nose and sneezing. if i dont have a cold it still there was should i do??

christopher Lynch says:

i have allergies i i sneeze eavry morning in spring😪👿

WickedSuperZer0 says:

Fuck hazlenuts fuck everything that they are standing for. I know why there was a hazelnut plant burning in that bible story. They are straight Outta hell. And they deserve to die. I cant even fucking breath. I ate a hazelnut yesterday. It will help they said. It will go away they said. You arent really allergic they said. Well fuck you. I hope i get an anaphylactic shock… i cant eat cant sleep and i feel so fucking sick . Everything is itching. I hatte fucking spring. I am leaving this country with its trees and bushes to live in the desert, i cant even eat nutella anymore now nothing is there to hold me back i will create a New race of pollenfree people who are allowed to live in peace. Far away from those demons in the first world . If you want to join, do it quick.

RubenJ0313 says:

Sometimes I sneeze and then people think I'm always sick and I'm like wtf

WeAreJayAndA says:

I'm actually allergic to cold air soo 😂

The Josh Speaks says:

God damn allergy season is back! Here's how to FIGHT BACK!

mean girl Mendez says:

My allergies went away when I got a nose job

LockMeUp says:

What about sleeping I can't sleep with these stupid allergies

Isaiah says:

Hey josh I know this isn't a dating video but I thought I would ask you something.

This girl her name is layla she dated my friend george and after they broke up I thought I was going to make my move when I over heard them talking about how she wasn't that pretty or even ugly
And those guys are my friends but they don't know I like her and I don't wanna go out with her and have them talking behind my back on how she is not that cute.
I am stuck and I need your help!!!!!!!

Lego-StarWars says:

Josh. I sit by my crush and I can't stop looking at her, what should I do?

Dylan Lamont says:

Do a video on "what to do if you find out a girl likes you" please. FYI I love your video.

RonnybearXC says:

Hahaha thanks man allergies kill me

Jable dean says:

This is really helpful

Cloe Denis says:

so true. gotta hate spring.

Riley Jacques says:

There is this person that is putting notes in my locker what do I do

The Josh Speaks says:

5 Easy Tips For Dealing with Allergies

It's allergy season and boy do I HATE allergies!

In this video I share with you 5 easy tips for dealing with pollen and all the other stupid things that make us sneeze, itch and rub our eyes until they burn.

#allergies #spring #pollen

Voxel says:

haha im so early here! nice video.

but can you do a video about tinder (the app) and maybe mainly internet dating and what would be a good progession from there on (talking about first dates etc)


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