Elvis Presley Alive, his allergy betrayed him, and exaggerated disguises! But why ???? By Skutnik M

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Elvis 2016 a year of truth, change,
And most importantly, back to Elvis is alive.
Since August 2016 we felt the return of the King.
There were enough clues.

The graceland drummed video cam is out of date,
Far from it, the dates are not fair, as the hotel
Is already there!
I doubt many things, the false photos that have circulated,
The false press, the fake bearded, it is complex this story,
Such as a puzzle.
If I refer to Joshua Lee Presley born in June 1960, mother?
And Father Elvis, I can say he was in 2015 at the Rally Trump,
And in 2016, the 11.11 to the veteran days.

Hand recognizable 100%, but it looks like a false;
The face is 100% resembling its 10 years.

And then Robert Joyce, Pastor Bob Joyce, he has the scar, waist,
Size, voice and laughter, so it’s the King!

But then either we are lied to, and we disguise people, to lose us,
In our realities.

And in Graceland it’s other strong corpulence and bearded, so either it’s
The same at various times!
Either it is a mad editing, you have to get an idea.
But anyway Elvis is actually alive!


Otto Nomicus says:

Considering Elvis' eating habits, it's a miracle he lived as long as he did. No way he could have survived beyond 50, eating pretty much lard sandwiches.

5 Second Prank says:

I am sorry to wake you up in your dream to revive the great Elvis. It could be a nice story…but it isn´t true. If you read something about face morphology or the chinese science of Siang Mien, you can see by yourself all the differences of this two faces. The most visible is the diffrence of the nose roots ( nasal bridge ). It is genetically programmed and basically the same all the life, because its bone. Elvis had a wide bridge between the eyes (by the way…in Siang Mien this means "sexually potent"…so Elvis was a great lover ( but it is not the same on this older man…his nose root is thin…and was thin all his live till the end of his days. No way to change it. Sorry Michael..you made a lot of work with all those videos.

Randy Lane says:

I think he is Elvis half brother he has the same nose as Vernon Presley!

Senninha mcl says:

Stupid people invent silly stories.

Ali Kelsall says:

God bless you Elvis .. ❤❤

The Love of Koi says:

I remember being 6 year's old when I watched his funeral, even then at that age I thought there was something fishy about it? Then when I was in my 20's I thought he was alive again, looks like my intuitive interface was right all along! Bob? (Elvis x) I hope you're life has been good? Love from a fan of the King! Much Love to you always x

Nani Girl says:

Cut your beard and lets see that famous smile.

Tess says:

He sure has a lot of the unique characteristics of Elvis especially the indents under the cheeks and the nose shape. I sure would like to see him without the beard.

Danielle Tirpkoff says:

Beautiful music and beautiful video!!🎸

The Cannabis Patient Shop says:

What a pleasant video regardless of truth

cuti aé!! ana luisa says:

Elvis Plesley,,for those who believe he only came back on the day of resurrection,,is already close…I am brasilian.

MrMansterdawg says:

My only question would be, why would Bob Joyce have greenish/brown eyes and Elvis had deep blue? 6:47 Unless there's a way to change eye color? Other than that SK MI has a pretty good argument.

Jock Pierman says:

I never heard the song before, what is it?

Toni Embree says:

I wonder if Priscilla will come out and tell the truth. I hope we will all know the truth. When was in Omaha my sister was going to take me to see him and did not go. I hope some year i will go see home Graceland.

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