How to Cope with Rabbit Allergies

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Last year my doctor told me that I’m allergic to my rabbit. I was also told I was even more allergic to hay! However, I would never get rid of my bunny just because of allergies! I’ve learned to make it work, and you can TOO! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Watch this video to learn how to combat your allergies so you can live a happy life with your bunny 💜

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Steph Wallace says:

Lennon is soo cute <3

I Love Pet Bunnies says:

How often should I brush my rabbit?

Kunga Sangmo says:

anyone else here who is not allergic but still came here just to see them together?😇

June The Mini Rex says:

@lennonthebunny Do you use an air purifier in your room?

beabossbenis thanks says:

what breed is lennon

pastelpinkpecans , says:

Im getting a rabbit but my sister is allergic. Any tips to keep the rabbit hair in my room only?

Ruby's World says:

I completely know what your talking about I'm majorly allergic to Timothy hay and I recently switched to orchid grass my guinea pigs love it !

Maud Pie says:

How does your rabbit react to the vacuum? I'm considering one, and I don't want to freak them out accidentally when trying to clean.

hprabbits says:

Very useful video! I'm very mildly allergic I think, whenever I get lots of rabbit fur on me I get a bit sniffly. Just as well mine live outside haha

Amanda Grosse says:

love your channel !

G The builder says:

For the one person that disliked,

I hate you 😈👹👿😡

Elizabeth Stevenson says:

Does ur neck get itchy!!????

Ashley Chavis says:

I just got a rabbit two days ago he is very jumpy and scared of noises he lets me pet him but I let him out yesterday to look around he found a hole under my cabinet that only he can get out of any tips for rabbit proofing

Renae O'Driscoll says:

I have guinea pigs and i am also mildly allergic to them but more severely allergic to timothy hay (i always knew i was allergic to grass). I take claritin rapid dissolve (i find these way better than the regular pills) and I have also switched to orchard grass which makes a big difference. You can also get a hepa filter air purifier for the room that you keep your pets in and this really helps me. I have 5 guinea pigs, so that a lot of hay and piggie fur so i find it really helps. I often get my boyfriend to dole out the hay if i've been doing things that set off my allergies (like cage cleaning). Don't give up your pets just because you're allergic, there's ways to make it manageable and if you've tried everything and you still are having bad allergies, then consider re-homing, but at least try it.

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