Scenario: Induce My Allergies Accidentally On Purpose! (M) (nose blowing, slightly mature content)

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My girlfriend secretly likes my sneezes and plans on doing everything she can to “accidentally” induce my allergic nose to sneeze. She also wants me to blow my nose into her shirt over her breasts.


Michelle Spence says:

hi, u gt a sexy voice & their sneezes r real even when ur sick, bless u bless u, my friend, use my tissues, though. more sneezes, more tissues.

Banky The Unikitty says:

I secretly like your sneezes so I watch your videos

Keira Durrant says:

great video are you actually sneezing xx

kate lorenzo says:

bless u! incredibly sexy mmm

Hiro Kun says:

I want part 2

Adam Moor says:

bless u great work and great scenario

Sparks Ninja says:

Awesome job ^^

Mike Koch says:


Brittany Ricks says:

Bless you and when are you going to call me on oovo

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