The Food Allergy Enigma: The Reality of Living with Fatal Allergies

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An inside look into the lives of individuals living with food allergies.

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The 11th Doctor says:

I have allergies to wheat, oats, barley, and rye. I've been struggling lately because people generalize as being gluten free. However, I'm still allergic to gluten free oats. It's very frustrating; I'm finding it in way more gluten free foods lately.

Allison B says:

I have to sit in a 'bubble room' for my lunch😒

Tiffany Ruiz says:

Thank you for this, my son experiences all that was discussed in this video. His deadly nut allergy is so bad that if he has airborne or skin contact with nuts he will go into anaphylaxis. I wish there was a cure!

Betsy Collins says:

Good for the mom who has opted to try immunotherapy for her son's peanut allergy-up to 8 peanuts daily with no reaction is IMPRESSIVE! He may just have to back down for a while. I had immunotherapy shots every week as a child because all spring, the pollen would incapacitate me with daily sneezing fits and wheezing and in the fall, I was down because of the mold spores. Now, these allergens bother me no more than the next person! If you are pregnant, the medical establishment now says "EAT IT ALL!" to reduce your baby's chance of developing an allergy later on in life. If you can eat it, your fetus probably can too!

julianah songonuga says:

Desensitization therapy made my allergies worse.

Danielle Funk says:

my son has peanut, soy, corn, oranges, fish and wheat allergies. its totally ridiculous!! vaccines are causing most of this!! and all of the crap in our foods! ugh!

puppy67726 Gaming says:

Don't worry buddy I would have sat with you at lunch

Delmar Powell says:

try this app call "second waiter" it allows you to filter restaurant menus by food allergies or nutrition to help avoid food your allergic to.

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