Allergies (what causes allergies and how to cure them) – Teal Swan

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The person who has allergies, is a person who has been insensitive to their thoughts and emotions to such a degree that they de sensitized to the discomfort of the emotion and so, their body had to develop the sensitivity. If we have allergies, we have been stuck in negative emotion and we simultaneously believe or have believed (around the time that the allergy developed) that there is no resolution and no answer to improving those emotions. Because of this, we deny our own power. We also feel (or have felt at the time the allergy appeared) that is was not appropriate to express those emotions. The suppression of those emotions (whether it be fear, weeping, sadness, hurt or anger) builds up and builds up until it manifests through our body.
There is always some kind of trauma or fear at the heart of whatever it is that you are allergic to. This fear or trauma can be emotional blocks in your subconscious or bad experiences that you link to the certain things that you are allergic to. A great many things can cause trauma or fear, which is why every allergy must be deal with on a case-by-case basis. There are many one size fits all remedies for symptom relief when it comes to allergies, but there is no one size fits all remedy for curing allergies. In this episode, Teal shares some home remedies for alleviating the symptoms of allergies. And then explains how to cure allergies for good.
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Glitch_FACE says:

this is just spiritualist crap.

Goran Miljkovic says:

I discovered I was heavily allergic to kiwi fruit the moment I tried it. I come from a country where kiwi didn't exist at the time. When I came to the US, I was actually excited about trying it (as I am about any other exotic fruit), had no resistance to it whatsoever. The hairy skin or its shape and color were no turnoff either. So – how might you explain my allergy to kiwi?

Chrissy Margo says:

This was an excellent video. I will take your advice and drink the teas that you recommended.
Today I will purchase a Netti pot on eBay.
Thank you Teal

Alexander Reime says:

Best ever! Thank you!

Amber Jacht says:

I have a mold allergy…

hugh jones says:

how does this work in newborn babies…my grandson has a lot of allergies..

Roy Wiley says:

whoops a spirit of fear once again love power and a sound mind
if you have fear a thinking personaity of fear you won't see this as it effects your sound mind
your love and power
so simple a child could understand kick fear back to were it came from
and your body will go back to homeostasis
children are vunrable so you can teach them
adults don't trust so they have learnt fear
recognise it take responisbility and separate which will take time to renew your mind
be kind to yourself

LifeStyle Therapy says:

Many things can trigger an allergic reaction. It happens when your body's defenses attack something that's usually harmless, such as pollen, animal dander, or food. The reaction can range from mild and annoying to sudden and life-threatening
I made a video in my channel about 8 Common Allergy Triggers you must know…you can watch it

batshebaforpresident says:

love the song towards the end, a little trip-hoppy and nice!

Gee Wocalot says:

you are awesome!!!! thank you 😉

Susan Fudge says:

What is the name of your field of study? I know aspects of it are in holistic medicine.

nadia razz says:

Can you please make a video about getting rid of candida?

clean diet says:

Generally speaking is not proper thing. Any person have different allergie.

Nae Ru says:

flush with salt water and green teas. eat honey from your area. colloidal oatmeal.raw potatoes under eyes. don't accept the medical.

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