Idea for preppers with Allergies

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I know this is random, but figured I would put it out there. I know I am prepping on a budget, and making sure that I have a good supply of medicine is important for me in my preps.

If you do know of any homeopathic type remedies for allergies defiantly let me know. I have heard of a few, but none have ever really worked for me.


Nates Homestead Lifestyle says:

@baire702 Cool, great tip…

Nates Homestead Lifestyle says:

@hiyasweets Thanks, I have actually cut down on the ammount of allergy medicine I take from 180mg of fexofedine (allegra) to about 90mg

baire702 says:

there are sellers on ebay that carry Kirkland brand OTC meds at incredible prices. No, I am not one of the sellers. Just a buyer who has gotten great deals!

hiyasweets says:

As a person with allergies, I think you should stay away from the homopathic area. In the long run can make you worse.

Nates Homestead Lifestyle says:

@mrjmfitch dint even think of the barter aspect good point… thanks for watching!

MrJmfitch says:

Good to get even if you don't have allergies…. you could barter with that for sure

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