Reducing Allergies at Home : Reducing Allergies: Vacuum Types

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Vacuums with “HEPA” filters work best for reducing allergies. Learn how “HEPA” vacuum filters eliminate allergies with expert tips in this free health video.

Expert: Audra Hartwig
Bio: Audra Hartwig is an expert on environmental allergies having been a long time sufferer.
Filmmaker: Travis Waack


angelo fiorante says:

should you only do this if u have allirgies

D Taylor says:

But I thought your "HEPA" bag were catching all the dust mites, and NOT settling on your furniture. Spreading allergens around with a vacuum is the WORST thing you can do! then to go dusting afterwards?! you've totally defeated the purpose of allergen removal. Vacuuming is usually the last step of cleaning.

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