How I Handle Dust Mite Allergies

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As soon as I learned what dust mites were, I didn’t want to ever get into bed again! LOL While no home can completely get rid of dust mites, you can manage them. These are the tips I’ve found that actually work to almost eliminate my symptoms. So many of you requested this video so I hope it gives you a few ideas!

*I am not a doctor or allergy specialist.



Mission Allergy:

Disinfectant Spay Recipe + Blog Post:

Favorite Essential Oils:

For the spray, I used an essential oil blend: ravinsara, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, and clove.

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Deasert Fox says:

Have you tried a dehumidifier? I read that dust mites thrive in conditions over 50% relative humidity. And lower than 50% they can't survive. Theres a research paper on this topic explaining that decreasing the humidity alone can kill over 99% of the population

cdawgRJ says:

HELP PLEASE! I have been having tons of breathing issues lately and visited the Hospital quite often for the last 3 months. All exams came back normal but I was diagnosed with Dust Mites Allergy. Is it normal to feel super breathless? Also, do you feel super stuffed ALL THE TIME? Please someone help me out as I'm thinking this could be something else.

Dust Blog says:

I've got to disagree with the essential oils one. I very much doubt this has any affect on dust mites and would like to see the evidence for this.

Dust allergy sufferers will generally suffer from eczema, asthma and rhinitis and it's a good idea to cut out ALL products with perfumes in. Soap, deodorants, fragrances and plug in room odourisers. I think people should consider ditching them all, particularly anything that goes on the face. So don't cover your bed in bug sprays or perfumes, concentrate on removing all allergens!

Shawn Peterson says:

This girl motivates me

Stay Healthy TV says:

Hi Samantha, thanks for a very helpful vid. Got a question. Do you think an electric blanket will zap the little buggers? If I crank it up to high for 30 mins or so? I used to love my bed – but not any more! Just the thought of all those little buggers on me makes me break out.

trinity roadie says:

thank you for this video. i will try the spray ingredients. have you tried drinking hot water with half a lemon juice, honey, some ginger and a pinch of tumeric and cinnamon powder. i drink his concoction a few times a day whenever my nose and throat starts to itch due to allergies or hayfever.

umabdallah1 says:

Thank you for the great video!

Anda Spso says:

Thank you for this video. Great tips. I've had allergies FOREVER but they were getting worse and the Dr. said because of dust mites. Yuck!!! I'm glad I'm not alone in my bubble. LOL

Brian V says:

The DIY oil link doesn't work anymore, could you provide the recipe?, thank you!

Pip Wong says:

I have found taking Vitamin C the type that is digestible and organic rose hip tea to help me get through the day without taking an antihistamine tablet. I also avoid wearing thick jerseys as dust-mites seem to love it!

belarusss13 says:

Did all this bought all the oils and sprayed all the bedding . It's reduced my symptoms by at least 80% I've been at war with dust mites for years thanks you've really helped.

Garden Girl says:

I do the same, the DIY spray is new to me though, I'll check it out.

Chic Goddess says:

Thanks for the interesting ideas. I had never heard of the spray before, and will definitely try it. I find that I have to wash my clothes in hot water as well. We have a leather sofa instead of an upholstered one, which I don't really like because it is not vegan, but I have not found a good alternative yet. We also don't have any decorative cushions, just washable throw rugs instead.

Lisset Sanchez says:

Thank you Samantha!!!

Quasaria Praos says:

Yep, washing everything possible in hot water is really helpful for me too. I don't use pillows and duvets with natural materials inside and I never use a vacuum cleaner, a small broom with a scoop and a mop work best for me.

Elizabeth Lucy Wilkinson says:

I do the same washing sheets on warm weekly. In Brisbane, Australia its Summer so we hang all our laundry on the washing line in the sun and I put our pillows out in the full summer sun which does the same for killing dust mites as the dryer… also works for soft toys. Thanks for the video… I use a spray that I bought from Norwex (Norwex Mattress Cleaner) but the homemade one looks interesting … just can't stand lavender wonder if I could just leave it out?

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