Nailbed Infection Boxer

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Layla has a nailbed infection of her toe. Soaking, cleaning, and neosporin may help. Your vet may need to trim the nails, clean, soak, and bandage. Tests or xrays may be needed to rule out nasty infections, bone infections, ot tumors


Sheila Mccorkle says:

Thank you for being so nice to the animals!

Mary Roark says:

What a good baby.

Mary Roark says:

I love, love Boxers.

Brianna Watkins says:

Is there anything i can buy to treat nail bed before it gets that far???because my 6 month old pitbull looks like he has it.

dogwomanhere says:

Sorry doc but you are completely insensitive-the dog's paw is painful. Sure glad my vet is far more sensitive when my dog was treated for same.

09dreezy says:

Im going to follow what you said.. My boxer is only 8 months, on a great diet, he goes nuts in the backyard so i think he has an infection. If it doesnt get better in the next 3 days im going to call the vet. Thankks.. Anyone else have any suggestions? Im going to bathe him, clean the toe soak it in betadine & put neosporn on it. Its looking dry, red, & starting to bald. he isnt limping. but i feel bad,Ill let you guys know how it looks in a few days. He was at the beach yesterday hopefully helped clean it a bit..

A10TOES says:

My cocker spaniel mix completely lost a toe nail from her front paw, took her in to Vet to get her nails cut shorter, they only looked at it, said her licking the area was keeping it clean, no antibiotics was given. I never cut her nails myself because they are black & thick, I always have the Vet or her groomer clip them. Will that toe nail grow back?

Wilson Revelle says:

Nice video! I have a dog, named Layla as well, who has, what we thought was just her nail color, a discoloration near the nail bed and our vet seems to think it could be a fungus. Would using a soft toothbrush around the nail bed help when cleaning the toes? Thanks again.

Denisovich Shun says:

I'm betting this dog was NOT given analgesic meds before hand. Just watch the SWEET Dog tolerating what had to be big-time pain. Aren't dogs better than people most times? As a Really SEASONED ER & Critical Care RN, it amazes me how much more pain tolerant, dogs are–compared to humans. There ARE so many similarities between our human diseases and K9s too. After watching this, I'm gonna try the same RX on my husband's yucky fungus-filled great toe. Difference will be? My hubby will holler & complain, unlike this beautiful, sweet K9!

holly2799 says:

Dr. Martinez, would it help at all to flush the pocket with warm saline/water and chlorhexidine? I have done that with my dog and had limited success. Those nail bed infections can be such a pain!

Cay Cthulhu says:

Wow such a good dog letting you mess with her sore foot like that.

Guylaine Poitras says:

I am surprised she wasn't yellping out with pain with the way you were squeezing her sore paw!!

MVIsland says:

Dr Martinez, Thank you so much for offering your expertise on at home remedies for some of the more common medical issues dogs have. My dogs (3 Newfoundlands) are an extension of my family, and I am a firm believer of routine check-ups for dogs. Your video's save a trip to the Vet by showing people how to try a simple procedure at home first. And they do save a trip to the Vet. Let's me save my money for the BIG Vet bills when they arise ( one of my Newfies at 4 years old, had to have a complete left hip replacement at Tufts U/Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to the tune of $13,000 ) which was a 100% success. The medical technology for animals is amazing. It can be very expensive at times, so saving a little trip for the simpler issues surely helps the pocketbook.

leonina72 says:

Anyone from Houston, TX that can recommend a good vet? Please

Federico Pereira says:

Thanks for this video Dr. Greg, one of my dogs have a nailbed infection and I think that the reason that produce this infection was the nail get broken, but im gonna do this treatment that you show on the video,. Thanks!

marta gil-vaz says:

Such a good dog letting you examine her paw like, my dog hates anyone touching his paws , especially to clip the nails, wish i could find something that would sedate him enough so i could clip his nails but the vets would charge me £100 for it as they would have to anesthetize him to do so, my health hasb't allowed me to do long pavement walks to keep them filed.

NA suzy Q says:

djcranium1210 I hope your precious pup feels better soon. When my dog is hurting, I hurt too. I admire your love and dedication to your best friend.

Mia says:

Can you examine my dog?

cranium1210 says:

The vets in England are completely stupid my dog my pittbull cross staff had that on every paw and every nail and underneath and the vets charged me 1000 s and I was at the vets every month with the bottom of the paw sweaty and sore aswell and after 3 yrs and his other skin problem which was lumps coming up and hair falling out I could not do it anymore after 12000 pounds and 6back on insurance so 6 thousand or so anyway they done bios and blood tests and scrapes and found nothing. But when I was at the end I forgot to flea my dog with flea drops and all of a sudden his skin started getting better and I got cheaper food with less enrichment in and his feet got better so I found out what it was after doing a test with puppy flea drops his skin come up again but went down so I got a flea collar and the hair and skin got better. Great)
The paws kept coming up with food that was very enriched and too much moisture so I changed the diet to a cheap biscuits and put a tiny bit of meat that is 80 percent moisture and his feet cleared up but the vets just scratched there heads over in England they just want your money out of love and it's hard to find a good one and America seems full of them especially what you do is amazing. Thanks for your advice my dogs back legs need chondro paw I asked you for a alternative and it helped but I have to try chondro now but it helped his arthritis in the back knees for a while but I got to try it for the magic root they claim helps. Trying to believe and hang on to hope but his back legs are drunk and keep collapsing now and one or the other leg will drag so his paws will bleed. Just prey chondro works I've seen worse cases than my dog and they worked so?? THANKS FOR THE HELP FRAZER THE DOG XXXX AND OWNER XXX

Christine Verreault says:

I really love your video.

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