Skin Diseases In Dogs – 5 Common Problems

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Skin Diseases In Dogs .. In this article the five most common diseases in canine skin detailing, treatment and breeds predisposed to suffer mentioned skin problems.

1. Parasites, a source of problems for the dog’s skin

Fleas that bite the dog will cause an itch which results in a compulsive scratching that causes a skin irritation called allergic dermatitis flea bite. This condition is characterized by inflammation and cause redness on the skin.

2. Problems Dog skin allergy

Skin problems can be present as pruritis (small grains) and other irritation or redness due to food allergies or external agents such as pollen.

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition most common among dogs allergic origin. The warning symptoms of this disease in dogs are itching, itching, redness and dryness.

3. Strokes leave their mark on the dog’s skin.

Beatings, burnings, outrages or domestic accidents have consequences for the dog’s skin. Depending on the type of injury in question and its severity, the treatment will consist of the use of antiseptics, dressings, antibiotics or anti-inflammatory ointments, which prescribe the veterinarian.

4. tumors and cysts in the skin of dogs

The cancerous tumors on the skin (carcinoma), sebaceous cysts, adenomas (similar to a wart) or melanomas (skin blemishes) “are common dermatologic conditions in the dog” Older dogs, after 11 years, are more likely to have this type of dermatological diseases.

5. Internal diseases affecting canine skin

If vital organs like the liver are sick dog, the skin reflects the inner state of the dog through its color or texture. metabolic diseases such as Cushing syndrome, diabetes in dogs and hyperthyroidism also affect the health of canine skin, which can translate into ulcers, sores and difficult healing wounds.


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