What to do if your DOG gets HIVES

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Treat the symptoms and isolate the trigger. If symptoms increase seek medical/veterinarian assistance. Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor nor a veterinarian. This video shares how I treated my dog’s symptoms. Feel free to also check out Riya’s most recent video which shares about how she lost her back leg: http://youtu.be/-3tQkXVcBBs


lamfilipos says:

There are many factors in reducing hives quickly . One place I discovered that successfully combines these is the Karas Hives Remedy (check it out on google) it's the best guide that I have ever heard of. look at the interesting info .

grimmiethelion says:

my dog has this going on now and shes a pitbull and i think shes allergic to her soap and she looks bad but shes acting normal hyper still so should i let her be or should i give her benadryl or something?

Marissa Mcconnell says:

ya did you know nylabones aren't supposed to be eaten at all. I bought one and read the packaging and went to their website and they aren't supposed to be consumed by dogs my dog got bad diarrhea not fun!

2375jenori says:

Hey Jeremy, I did find the trigger. My baby has severe anxiety when it comes to lightening/ thunder and fireworks. He basics drove himself crazy with all the stuff going on during fourth of July. Thank goodness he us all better. The benedryl really worked for him though. Didn't make him drowsy, but definitely took the hives down a couple of notches.

That's so much for your info. Greatly appreciated!

2375jenori says:

OMGOODNESS! So sad to see her like that. I just started searching on Google for info regarding hives on dogs because I came home to find my baby #DJ@ngoW@ngo covered in bumps 🙁 … the info was very helpful. I am just curious now to find out where he could have gotten it from. Thanks a bunch for your video.

Alyssa Kay says:

Our dog had horrible issues with hives – we finally learned that almost ALL dry dog food have grain mites – and all dog food comes into contact with them via the machinery. The eggs and mites can go dormant for months and then when exposed to the air – quickly revive and get busy making more mites.

The one true cure? Bagging the food in one gallon freezer bags and then freezing each bag at least 24 hours – freezing for 24-48 hours will kill the mites. His hive issue relating to his food has been resolved.

So at least TRY freezing the dry food fand see if long term practice changes it for your dog. We just keep the bag that we are using in the freezer since it's just a gallon bag. Worked like a miracle for our boy!

Candle Stick says:

Poor doggie 🙁

Gima Monet says:

You can cure your hives quickly using natural method, and start to see the result in only 72 hours.

Dana A. Eslinger says:

I have suffered from hives for decades until found out a effective remedy.

Primal Aim says:

I actually do not believe that it was the nyla bone that did it. It was most likely dear scat or grass. The pup like to eat both. Either way one or the other caused an allergic reaction. 

Charly Cardeño says:

Hi, I am not sure if I understood well..
Are you saying that you dog had an allergy reaction to a fake toy bone?
Because my dog has hives since a few weeks after I brougth her home.
After watching your video I realized that I got her a fake toy bone at about that same time and just yesterday she was chewing at it and this morning her skin had more hives than usual.

pastorbillanddesi says:

My dog had just ate some grass, when the hives SUDDENLY came on much of his skin. He has had issues with hives in the past.

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