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We introduced Baby Dillon to Peanut Butter to see if he had any peanut allergies…

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Mrs Yellop says:

Dillon is so cute saying Da-da-da-da bless him and hope the new bedtime routine works out. Love seeing your updates. 🙌🏻

Abby G says:

Baby Dillon is growing up soooo fast! He's way too cute; especially when he's saying, "DADADADA!!" ❤😍

blessed nt says:

Does Dillon sleep in his bed all night? I've been trying to transition my baby from my bed to her bed lol.

Paula K says:

His chubby cheeks are so adorable! I just love your little family, you guys are so fun and always post such upbeat videos.

Theresa Keppley says:

Dillon is the cutest!!! Does he like to share his food with Xena?

Hannah G says:

Dillon is beyond adorable!!!!

Hannah G says:

It's the same in the UK. We can not bring anything to school that contains nuts of any kind. It makes sense.

Kerrigan Diehl/Reno says:

I love his cheeks!! 😍😍

greenolive78 says:

I was going to say pretty much the exact same thing as Breanna Cox. My 12 year old son is anaphylactic to peanuts also. We homeschool now but when he was in public school, he broke out in hives on his face because he touched a desk after another kid who had peanut butter for lunch touched it. Thankfully it was just an external reaction but when you have a kid who could easily die from exposure, it's heart stopping either way. Also, although it's much less likely, people can have anaphylactic reactions from airborne exposure. So reactions definitely aren't just about the allergic individual refraining from eating certain foods. Also I would recommend waiting in the hospital parking lot if you are concerned about a possible reaction. Your pediatrician may have epipens on hand but he would still have to be transported to the hospital by ambulance depending on the severity of the reaction. I'm glad Dillon didn't have a reaction and hopefully he won't end up having any food allergies. It's not something I would wish for any child to have to deal with.

M. Tilly Rose says:

… Easter Blessings … from my family to yours … m … inner peace ..:-)

danielle belter says:

I was just telling a friend last week that I'm going to go sit on the hospital grass when I feed the girls peanut butter…..I'm very very nervous because daddy has a peanut allergy. I'm just super leary about giving it to them. They are 15 months so maybe one day! Haha

Jane Straugh says:

He looks like he is a little Amish boy. Lol. And those cheeks are sooo squeezable. Lol. ❤️

Maggie Mae Miniature Dachshunds world says:

Look at the cheeks on this baby!!! I want to smooch that face lol.

Maggie Mae Miniature Dachshunds world says:

Peanut butter is banned from schools where I live.

Pippa Scott says:

I think back to the days I thought what an inconvenience not being able to pack peanut butter sandwiches was. I just didn't get it because I didn't truly put myself in others shoes and I feel bad because I should have. My daughter has a peanut allergy and it's no joke. They think my son has an almond allergy too. Little kids aren't always the best at identifying what they can and cannot have. It's really hard but more importantly scary for allergy parents and so educating ourselves on why these practices are in place and being understanding is very helpful. Unfortunately these allergies are becoming more and more common too! I wasn't a parent back then. Now I think – just imagine it was your kid – wouldn't you want that same protecton…

Jenny Winget says:

Happy Easter!

Breanna Cox says:

My daughter is anaphylactic to peanuts. Here's how I see it- it won't kill a non allergic child to eat something instead of peanut butter at school. But it could kill my child if someone brings peanut butter. If a child touches peanut butter and then my child, she can die. Not trying to sound rude, just spreading understanding as to why parents should be okay with not being able to pack peanut butter for their child. 🙂 Also, my daughter was fine upon her first exposure to peanut butter, it was the second reaction where she went into anaphylaxis. Every state/school district has different rules. Some ban it completely, some have a peanut free table in the lunch room or a peanut free classroom for the classes that have a child with an allergy in it. I certainly hope he's not allergic because life as a food allergy parent and child is terrifying and difficult.

Incredibly_ Amber says:

hooray 😃😃😃😃😃

cheri25 says:

It's not banned at my daughter's school. They can't bring it for an in class snack, but they can certainly have it for lunch. The kids who have allergies sit at a specific table at lunch. Maybe it's different at other schools. We live in Colorado.

Mgtrcrwife1 says:

You guys are great. Missed you guys! Hope all is well with Matt! Happy Easter!

Sarah Jenkins says:

Peanuts are a legume not a nut. Bit of a fun fact. 😜

Jeanine perez says:

You guys are the cutest!! Baby Dillion makes the cutest faces. I'm pretty sure an allergic reaction will never happen the first time you eat something new cause the body hasn't had time to produce histamine. The next time the body overreacts and produces excess histamine. So just be careful the next couple times he eats peanut butter 😊

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