Got Allergies?|How to make Golden Milk Tea / Turmeric Milk Tea

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If you suffer from allergies, check this out. It works for me, it just might work for you too!


Fettish 4freezing says:

So glad your back lol

Julius Allison says:

Great Job Kech!

Catherine Park says:

Thank you for posting this! I think I'd like to try making this for my husband so that he doesn't wake up congested! Would he need to drink it hot or is drinking it cold okay too? (Oh and by the way, you are awesome at speaking, as always! It makes me want to take public speaking classes whenever I watch your videos!)

Lori Edwards says:

An Indian man told me about this back in May….glad to see this here cause I was just going to put tumeric in milk….lol….this makes more sense….it was a cure for a cold or something. Thanks!!!!

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