Ep94- Food Allergies & Vaccines… Related? [My Incredible Opinion]

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Did you know that before vaccines were invented, we didn’t even have the word allergy? Before we started injecting foreign material into our bodies, there wasn’t a word for anaphylaxis?

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melissa calcutti says:

Dear god. I feel like my children's generation will have dating websites set up very differently. Websites that are for vaxxed and UnVaxxed will need to pop up. What have we done to humans….what can be done to correct it for the future. Full stop, then what? Can we breed out the worst of the food allergies? People with severe allergies only having children with those that were never vaxxed. My head spins thinking of what we have done and what will be done in the future. Maybe it's all a moot point though. I can't picture a world where these concerns and truths are common place. But I pray every night that truth wins and we can get the best of our scientists on the task of now what.

Elain Witt says:

Well done. Thanksfor the new insights

themommy6 says:

Seven children, same two parents, vaccinated children have allergies, non-vaccinated have no allergies.

Nathan Ellery says:

Online there is an article with a medical scientist (who first trained as a Dr) whose job is to make mice allergic to something. The easiest and most effective way they have found to do it is to inject the 'something' into the mouse with an adjuvant. !!!
The same procedure as vaccination.

And why does spellcheck not know how to spell adjuvant? Is it missing from the dictionaries on purpose?

Leo Veyne says:

Brilliant! Subbed, my child is almost 4 and I've kept all that poison away from him, but I'm always wondering deep down if I've made the right decision and have to relook into this subject all the time to make sure I've made the right decision, I still cannot believe there has been no real research on health with vaccinated and unvaccinated people on a big scale, it's all snippets of research here and there but there is a paper that I read and it's conclusive that vaccinated children 100% have heaps more allergies compared to unvaccinated, I mean this is just fact.

Catherine Hughes says:

EVERYONE needs to hear this history lesson!!! Thank you for this!

SusanLidia-Gmail E says:

So good. Share this everyone!!!!

sara reimold says:


Kathy Fausett says:

Forrest, what an ace! Keep up the un-propaganda.

Mario Mayorga says:

I was just talking about this with my wife. Thanks for the history!

Vaccine Deception says:

On my channel I'm splitting up the William Thompson tapes into smaller clips that can be used as references for talking points.

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