Disney Quick Service Dining with Food Allergies | 08/07/17

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In this episode, Tracey Heinrich’s discusses her experience using the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan with a food allergy.

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Lisa Ann Boettcher Hilss says:

In 2004 my daughter and I were diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 months before our first ever Disney World vacation. Even back then every sit down restaurant we ate at were very accommodating! We were very impressed. Gluten free dinner rolls, desserts and just about anything we wanted from the regular menu our chef made gluten free. That was in 2004. Both of us are very gluten sensitive, it was imperative that we not get glutenized, and we did not!! How awesome was that!? Can't wait to try the GF Fried Fish and Onion rings at Cooks of Dublin this November!! There is nowhere here in San Antonio that I can have that in a restaurant! It seems silly to say that, but until you have to avoid a certain food, you just don't get it. Thank you so much for this informative video!!

Matthew Hennig says:

Do I have a Disney and Dis addiction if I watch a one hour video about traveling to Disney with food allergies even though neither myself or anyone in my family has dietary restrictions?

Jean MacFarland says:

It is like you read my mind. I am going in Sept with a friend with food allergies and we were hoping to do mostly counter service. I had great experiences at table service but counter made me nervous. Your vlog is perfectly timed. Did you say you looked at Allergy free menu ahead of time? If so, where did you find them? I have looked a little online and haven't found much. (now I want a frozen Zebra dome!)

John G says:

Thank you Tracy for being so open and great tips.

Alan Denniston says:

Thanks for sharing Tracy about your wig. You all keep it real and we all watching feel part of the group. Great helpful tips.

Janet Sierra says:

Tracy prayers to you. love the hair own it girl you look amazing

Amy Spencer says:

Thanks for this topic as it's something I've been wrestling with as well. And you go, Tracy, own it! 👍🏻👍🏻

Ashley Tharp says:

Thanks for covering this topic! My DS has severe food allergies and we always feel safe at Disney Parks and DCL, they handle allergies so well! And Tracy, those delicious gummy bears are probably Surf Sweets brand, my son loves them too!

Marissa Lonardo says:

You go girl with your bedroom hair!!!

Lisa Aguirre says:

Can you guys do a show comparing all the main cruise lines like Disney royal Caribbean carnival differences dining kids activities entertainment etc

precious1mnm says:

Aww Tracy I wish you the best! Love your info! I'm gluten free and sugar free! Have fun with your hair!

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