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Charla Wilcock says:

As a child I had Vitaligo and was teased that I had Leprosy, it did look like leapard spots but that was the extent of that. Turns out it is from Thyroid imbalance, I also had a hoarse voice, peeling lips and dry skin. I did an essential oil blend off of the pc,
searched for diy essential oil blend for Hashimotos, hypo thyrodism and bought my bottles off Amazon, be sure to get the metal roller ball type only….my thyrdoids are normal, no vitiligo. the oils are from the Bible and ancient people, thats what they traded…the pharmacia took over in the early 1900s and is worth billions a year. No cure or healing…

Lidia Oatman says:

Thank you!!!

L.Pasteur says:

Dr. Eric – Do you use food-grade essential oils in your aromatherapy diffuser or just therapeutic grade? Do you have separate stocks of therapeutic and food-grade oils since the latter seems to be be more expensive due to the more meticulous processing that is necessary to make it safe for consumption? Also, are food-grade oils stronger than therapeutic grade? Thanks for your positive content

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