Paul Foot – Food Allergies

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Here is me at the Melbourne Comedy festival’s TV Gala in 2012, performing a joke about wheat intolerance mainly, and also the Great War.


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MrPro10 says:

Nah. Cheap gag. I can't eat wheat and gluten and it's not that funny to
be honest. The reason more and more people are getting intolerant to
these things in the last decade or two is because the manufacturers have
completely changed the way these things are made. Bread from world war 1
was made very differently. Bread now is made using the absolute most
cost effective and financially refined methods possible, perfected to
the nth degree. It's no wonder people develop problems when you see how
they're making these things.

Personally I became wheat/gluten intolerant after working at Papa Johns
for 2 years and eating a free extra large pizza every single day. It
took an entire year after I stopped working there for me to pass an
actual solid shit, rather than the liquidised variety. I ate some bread
last year to experiment, I was vomitting all night with my phone in
front of me with 999 pre-dialed in, because I thought I was gonna die.
I'll probably never be able to eat bread again, kind of annoying when
you're 36. Bigger problems in the world obviously, but still annoying. I
can eat a Kit Kat. Not that I do but if I eat one I will look ill for a
day or two.

Rose Bud says:

This guy is brilliant. 😂

megaskyburst says:

Believe it or not but Paul Foot is hung like a donkey

Morag Mackay says:

No funny, revolting specimen, needs to buy himself a mirror.

Alex Holt aka 'Brigham Palava' says:

The Great War was great, they had food, brothels, bars, weaponry to play on – Ooh it were fantastic! Now what have we got? Grand Theft fucking Auto and Mr Holmes.

Jim Griffiths says:

0:19 – Vaccines using adjuvents (such as Squalene) that cause auto-immune system disorders is when it started! 😉

decimus81 says:

this is so true, idiots crapping on about gluten when they're not celiac is so stupid, this social media generation of hypochondriacs needs to end lol. paul foot is hilarious 

71brett says:

Cracking stuff!  True original!  Aching with laughter.  This is what you need.

Trevor Maddison says:

could've sworn I saw paul on roker north pier with 2 women in july 2013 maybe I was mistaken?

Richard Wiles says:

3:49 tolerate it!

Tim Wilderspin says:

As ever, utterly unique targets, tackled in with daring idiosyncrasy! The saviour modern comedy.

Jill Kews says:

* that's 'perform live' – not 'witness you continue to survive this world'…

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