Eyeball Blister – Allergic Reaction

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I have a cat allergy and this was caused by petting it.

A doctor might prescribe you allergy medicine and eye drops…so save yourself the hassle and go buy some BENADRYL® and Blink® Tears Lubricating Eye Drops. You’ll be fine, just give it a few hours.


Red Ninja says:

I also have same thing

mustang 4life says:

so you those eyeball blister from allergies….

thatkawaiineku girl forever says:

woah bruh i would scream if that happened

Moenickleson says:

Fuck, and I thought pink eyes were bad.

Diane Irby says:

Can cats cause this as well?

Queen Noodle says:

I've had this before. Ouch. I'm very allergic to cats so that's how I got mine D:

The man says:

I imagine that's hurts like Fudging H-E-🕒🕒 !!!! (there were no hockey sticks)

1Pen says:

same thing happens to my son, if he goes near certain animals, I give him antihistamines and it goes within 1 to 2 hr, it soon disappears.

shp0ngle says:

Oh, shit. So this is what cat allergy looks like… Hmm. I dont think im allergic. The bite marks leaves marks a bit, but that it.
I hope you get medicicine for cat allergy, if you own one.

jhen vi says:

this happens to me all the time whenever i took ibuprofen, touching my eyes after not washing my hands, or even dust/residue of a make up specially eye shadows, and whenever I have allergic attacks… scary! it looks like my eyes are about to pop…


just buy a new eyeball and you're good

Bruno Lee says:

i had that so many times

MrOTBxTrains says:


Kova says:

Check your neck for gills.

whtfla says:

please tell me you fixed this dude…..FK

Salty Diarrhea says:

you should record yourself popping it, you'll be YT famous m8

Nanaras says:

Go see a doctor.

heartattackful says:

that is pus mate, get it checked asap so you do not lose your eye

galadizzy says:

SHould probably go see a doctor.

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