Week in Review: Allergies and Great Comments and Book update

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Here is another week gone by, lets see what happened to in my life.


Rose says:

congratulation  on your new book

nicky meyers says:

Have to say you have a very nice way of saying things….I really hope your channel does well. You seem like a down to earth person..thanks for taking the time to post at work.

Elsinore says:

Lookin foxy dude!

Traveling Terry says:

I came to Flagstaff for the van dweller RTR and my allergies are going great….Arizona is hot now , but not bad in Flagstaff….

Julie Wittmuss says:

You should NEVER touch your face without washing your hands. Guess u learned that the hard way! Nothing can enter your body (germs, bacteria, etc) without it entering thru your mouth, nose, or eyes. Yes, it can get in thru a cut/scrape…but people wash out their boo-boo's! Glad to hear the histamine reaction didn't last too long! Have a great weekend…in spite of having to work! Love ya…Julie

Bobby Britton says:

is it cool at night up there? I was going to go straight north from Arkansas in early july but I need to get to a cooler temperature wise place.

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