Build a do-it-yourself air purifier for about $25

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Dr. Jeffrey E. Terrell, director of the Michigan Sinus Center, demonstrates how to build an air purifier with a HEPA filter for about $25 with parts from your local hardware store.


goosecouple says:

This setup is good if you don't mind the noise from the cheap fan.

EternalUniverse says:

From 2:43 to 2:50 the ParticleScan went down by itself while the fan was still off (I think the ParticleScan was programmed that way to make it seem like the fan was working, This is all BS). Just lies so they can sell you this.. lol

Bradley Berthold says:

Oh what BS box fan cannot put out enough pressure to filter decently you need a squirrel cage fan.
Also of course your particle measurement goes down when you are blowing all the particles away from that tiny little measurement device tip. Put it in the room over an hour and see how effective it is when measuring the middle of the room

J K says:

Filter is incorrectly placed. It should be on the intake side. Come on U of M….

calvin0416ny says:

Is it necessary for a healthy adult to have a HEPA filtration system in the bedroom?

Jacek K says:

no box fans outside of US wtf.

4cClubT says:

MAYbe this lab tech works for the company's that make air machines, better yet why not build a box behind the fan and use 2 or 3 filters

Robert Gaines says:

I built one of those box fan filters, but the fan only worked for 2 months before burning out. That didn't even cover the 3 month life of the filter. Does anyone have any suggestions for a more durable box fan? I bought mine at Walmart, and all the box fans were around the same cost so I really don't know what brand I should get. I loved the filter in operation, but I wasn't going to just replace the box fans every two months. That gets expensive, and box fans are not on sale in the winter if it were to break down then so I'd prefer a lifespan of 6 to 9 months. On the set up, I placed the filter on the back so the air would be sucked through the filter, and operated the fan either on medium or high. The fan speed is kind of for debate. A speed that is too slow could burn out a motor if it stalls and a fan that is over driven will also over heat and burn out. A cheap fan might be over driven on high so I kept it on medium. I am willing to spend more on a box fan if it will last longer, but all the fans seem to be built at around the same quality. Also, since box fans were never intended to pull air through a filter, the life expectancy can be in question if the motor is of under rated quality. It would be nice if a company just made a box fan specifically to be used with an air filter.

josh lott says:

Ahaha! I really enjoyed reading all of the comments about which side the filter goes on…interesting vid thanks!

Epic Travels says:


Grant Farnsworth says:

More like $35 but I used this method and it works great. I don't think I'd use it for all the time but to clear the house out once in a while it's amazingly fast. I had contractors blowing fiberglass insulation into my attic and despite their efforts, cleanup, and ventilation, lots of us were coughing that day. I put up a couple of these and cleared the whole house out. Easier if you put it on the intake side—then you don't need tape.

Matt Lane says:

Andddddddddd no one ever measures the AIR IN THE ROOM after X time… with the filter…

Squirrel Attackspidy says:

The guy is a scientist and yet can't figure out how to record this freaking video in stereo. I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why one of my speakers wasn't working. Freaking scientist. He must have gotten his science degree from the same place as infomercial doctors.

Chauncey A says:

"Airborne allergens can cause symptoms"………welp, that sold me on the legitimacy of this video :>

BFMV8196 says:

Sad the University of Michigan would advise something so basic. there's a reason the proper filtration equipment costs so much. Spend the money, do your lungs a favor.

Satumn says:

would this help to keep cigarette smoke out of my room?

jjgpiii says:

So you can filter "virtually any particle out of the air" but you can't figure out how to get sound coming from both sides? Common Michigan get it together

drink15 says:

Someone doesn't know what a static pressure fan is.

decifal says:

That counter started going down before the fan was even turned on… Apparently just opening the container of the filter makes the dust decline lol

TheMdub27 says:

Will it get rid of chemtrails?

matey Betoche says:

Thank You! This is excellent!
I was just thinking about that (I said why don't they make air purifiers that use reg. AC filters?) I even said they can make one that uses up to 4 or 5 AC filters (diff. types depending on how much money you want to spend etc.).
This is inspiring! I was thinking to put an L bracket to hold the filter(s) and secure it with a wing-nut.
Thanks again and God bless!

tony l says:

I'm getting real lame air flow for all speeds

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