L4D2 No Mercy #1 – “MY ALLERGIES!” (Stephen & Friends)

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It’s been a while, so we’re gonna shoot some zombies. And maybe some bees???
▶️ PART 2 • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p08ih4KvnFU

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Friends featured (alphabetical):
• Dan – http://twitter.com/MotionDan
• Mal – http://youtube.com/MalMakes
• Stephen – http://youtube.com/StephenVlog
• Thomas – http://twitter.com/tsjonte

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UnNameable Name says:

12:1513:02 memorable moment, Mal shoots a witch

PalPlays says:

Why is Left 4 Dead 2 such a good game?! Why has it aged so amazingly well?

PalPlays says:

10:03 I guess you might say that he's Dan The Montage Man?

AwesomeAzumarill says:

0:000:55 Memorable Moment "Everybody Hates Francais"

Celine says:

I call them epipens all the time!

Aaron Payne says:

Was that the MK64 Raceway Theme at the end? Good choice.

al pal says:


Hero Of Rhyme says:

22:0022:32 Memorable Moment: Hunting for an Epi-Pen

Jesscaaaa0 says:

Curious why you released both parts? Could have easily been 2 saturday's of content 🙂

nolegsShay Chirechase says:

Oh gosh, this is great. A classic reborn. With extra dysfunction.

Alexr 31 says:

Memorable Moments 10:31 Dont Tell Me What To Do Game.

Skunt says:

It's just not the same when you can actually understand what anyone but Stephen is saying…

CrazyDK96 says:

I remember Dan being left for dead only because he used his shot at the wrong time.

Mazilliant says:

New memorable moment
"Mallory's Left 4 Dead 2 Sing-along"
23:04 to 23:48

IceMaverick says:

Ooooohh man this should be a nice big clusterfuck.

Knightmayor says:

Healing teammates doesn't cause more medkits to spawn its been proven

Lacking Gnat says:

Mal is great in these Stephen and Friends videos.

13AxelRoxas says:

When Dan dies he becomes MotionlessDan.

Zombie gamer says:

Lol I love Mal in these kind of videos. I'd hunt zombies with her any day.

Bailey Simpson says:

Everyone's mics are great. I get to hear all your lovely voices. xD

KokiriKid07 says:

"Is there another witch I can shoot?"
Yeah I'd play with Mal she'd make it fun

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