The Best Pillow for Neck Pain, Pinched Nerves & Headaches / Dr Mandell

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A simple change to your pillow can make a big difference taking away the pain and discomfort you’re suffering from.


Nourish with Grace says:

I've tried many pillows still having neck pain. How do I know which one to buy?

Ra Mar says:

You always hit home. You're awesome!

BeHisLikeness says:

And tell me… how do you tell if your neck is in line with your spine??? Also, I have tried 8 different pillows and all of the have different affects on my sleeping… the worst pillow I ever tried was a memory foam… terrible… so what pillows do you suggest…

Ni Sa says:

Dr. Mandell when I do what ur are saying it causes the vertigo or Bppv to act up…or i was told so…due to the tube dysfunction we talked about before my Ent says 2 or 3 pillows but I trust you more than any doctors out there. please advise thanks 🌹

lotusfae says:

a YUUUGE difference

jackson 136 says:

I have a better idea for neck pain pillow.

Melanie Marchenko says:

Dr. i had severe migraines just about every day. So I went to a Neurologist & he gave me Topirimate, & it made such a change in my life. I know this is a different topic. Just wanted to let you know that I had one pain taken away, but I still have to do something about my aching back.

Julio Sanchez says:

Thanks for the good info.

Dr Lee Parimuha DC says:

Look at a Totillow Pillow. Its for side sleepers and helps shoulder pain as well.

sarabeauty18 says:

Do you have any brand suggestions? I'm really lost as to where to start.

Polly Williams says:

What about those japanese buckwheat pillows?   

Stacy Ray says:

That is so right!! Just like goldilocks lol!! I have to have my pillow!!

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