Sofia The First – Once Upon a Princess (NEW Disney Trailer)

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Disney’s newest princess!…however critics have said that Sofia’s (Disney’s first mixed-heritage princess) Hispanic-influenced heritage is not ‘Hispanic enough’….or in other words…she is ‘too white’.

Hispanic advocacy groups, including The Washington DC-based National Council Of La Raza – La Raza meaning “race”, have questioned whether the fair-skinned, blue-eyed young princess is an accurate representation of the Hispanic population.

Their spokeswoman said “Little girls look to these characters to see themselves represented. If they don’t see themselves, it makes a difference.”

In the animated TV movie, “Sofia the First – Once upon a Princess”, Sofia’s mother and birth father respectively hail from kingdoms inspired by Spain (a white European country) and Scandinavia. Sofia however was born and raised in Enchancia, a “make-believe melting pot kingdom” patterned after the British Isles.

Sofia is voiced by Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, a Caucasian, while her mother is played by Hispanic Grey’s Anatomy actress Sara Ramirez.


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