Nut Allergies are the WORST

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Having a nut allergy is literally the worst. Like for real, if you have one you’re brave fam.


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Jess Nobs says:

It's nice to know I'm not alone. thanks for this. 🙃

Kitereguma Kitereguma says:

When i see🍩🎂🍪🍫, i'm like: I'M SO TIRED OF THIS I DON'T EVEN ASK!!!!

EpicsonicFTW says:

School starting

Simplyliv .e says:


SuperNovaJinckUFO says:

It makes people healthier having an allergy. Since I have to read the ingredients of everything, I see all the crap in a lot of food, and it turns me off from it. Also, since sweets are generally the thing most likely to have nuts, it means I have a lot of self control in terms of eating them. Like, I cannot relate at all to someone who goes "I can't resist these brownies" or something stupid like that.

juicy boi says:

I have the same thing i also have a nut allergy and i never get sick but im also vegetarian so i dont only have to check for nuts but also for meat and its fucked up

Sidney Johnsen says:

one time the school made something idk what it was but i swear i was having a minisode (when just benedryl is all it takes for my body not to kill me) so i knew the drill. The office lady was mad when a 7 year old girl cuts in the line bc she might be dying i was panicking "is my tongue swelling up?!" i would ask every five minutes no she would answer not even looking at me i took a full hour to convince her to let me call my mom UGGGGGGH

ItzYaWolf says:

People always made joke at school with putting nuts by me but 1 little bump they could kill me 🙁

ItzYaWolf says:

I am the first ever in my family with a deathly nut allergie and it's so sad.
Everyone thought I was lying so there were like eat this so they can see. And I am always in fear with everything I eat. And my school did not care. They always sit me next to a kid who eats nuts all the time.
I am so happy I am alive and I found someone who is just like me <3

Michael Janchura says:

It's because your mother didn't eat peanuts during pregnancy.

ITL Productions says:

I can't join the navy because of my allergies

LimeJar says:

i hate that i have to sit at a nut free table at my school and i would see all my friends at the "cool table" and i was just sitting there alone because no one else at my school has the allergy

Queen Annette Faith says:

How do I kiss someone if they've eaten nuts before or do ask if they have ?

XxMaddyAnimatesxX ! says:

I'm NOT ALONE!!!!!! I ATE PEANUTS AND I THREW UP AND iTCHED TO DEATH CAUSE I HAVE ECZEMA and ever since then I have always never used a epi pin

TheCuboneninja 11 says:

I'm Allergic to Peanuts and all nuts including deez nuts 😑though it's absolutely true though I feel your suffering

Sinead says:

This lad in my class literally changed my nickname on Facebook Messenger to Peanut because of my allergy #byeeeee

Jackie Timmes says:

I have a walnut allergy too. The birthday cake thing that you talked about, the same exact thing happened to me a year ago😭 the struggle man

Hanna Grace says:

I have a nut allergy too and I hate it

Loony Tune says:

When I was 5 years old my family used to live in the east coast, well I wave pollen allergy that makes me hack up shit, anyway during the fall we were out in a pumpkin patch and all of a sudden I couldn't see, so my family took me to the doctor and after the visit I had to put these eye drops into my eyes so I could see, and then I had bronchitis and it sucked ass because I got bullied because of it

Mathilde Karolina-Franciska Andersen says:


Mathilde Karolina-Franciska Andersen says:

Those motherfucking cashews and pistachios ,the tastiest nuts that almost killed me too.Bastards

Sophie McLaren says:

I'm 27 and just have my first allergy appointment for all nut and tree nuts soon. Yay! And I just ate a hazelnut chocolate bar by accident!

Sports 24 7 says:

Great video., thanks for spreading the word. I am deathly allergic to all nuts too and found this so true and funny too. Check out my video about having a nut allergy and trying to find something to eat at a fast food restaurant.

loissketch says:

Oh thank god! I'm allergic to tree nuts, and the smallest thing makes throw up! 😣 It's actually annoying. 🤢

Annie Gold says:

1stVideo with no hate Lol

Izzie Mossy says:

Also I've had people not understand I could literally die and they tell me to live a little…

Izzie Mossy says:

In my primary school I was actually segregated from everyone else at lunch and was put on an empty table far away from everyone and was only allowed one friend to sit with me… think they went too far with that…

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