Tim Hawkins – Tech Support

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I do not own any of the rights to Tim Hawkins or his comedy. Just a huge fan!



Rin Jackson says:

Is this a parody of an actual country song?

Elementary_ Aleks says:

eh, the indian joke was funny at first but then it just became shitty racism

CygamerMC says:

I'm an Indian. That Indian stereotype is racist and inconsiderate yet I love it.

HistoricalAnimations says:

That was a bit racist in between

Shawn Richeson says:

Love it !!!

KyRiEF4N2 says:

He's hallarious

saintmirrenmalky says:

Like all the best comedians I've ever heard, I found Tim Hawkins completely by accident. He is hilarious.

Gary Ashton says:

What country song is that? Seems like something Johnny Cash would do.

Glitzy Rocker says:

And I'd have no trouble shootin this cumputer!

Sunny Skye says:

Oh if he wasn't already married…… LOL Every woman loves a funny guy. Cute or not. 😉 lol

Skulltruck08 says:

It's time to bust-a-cap in this CPU

aLegator 577 says:

What is this song? The non-parody version

Jason Blooey says:

It's time to shoot this piece of… Microsoft Windows!

jacob parkin says:

that is totally my dad and grandad

Kevin Gallagher says:

That Face tho at 0:45

Yessenia Escobar says:

Okay love me this country song, so dedicating to my neighbor that calls me over to fix his computer all the time LOL!

Ben Barton says:

Now this is the first time that I have watched the entire commercial.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Christina Rodriguez says:

hilarious! sharing

Moviefan2k4 says:

"Come on, runtime error – go ahead and make my day / if Bill Gates was standin' here, I'd smack his four-eyed face…"

My favorite line. =)

Le Toast says:

its time to bust a cap
in this peice of………MICROSOFT WINDOWS
lol best…..line…..ever.

KThompson98 says:

does anybody know what the tune of this song is?

D3adm00s3 says:

66th!!! oh wait… we are'nt doing that now? K…

Verne Leeper says:

pehaps instead of a cookie she can get a life.. who cares if she is 1st..

KronixTheLemon says:

How far down did you go for that fricking comment O.O

Moviefan2k4 says:

I love this song, and have heard it many times. Tim is so great at what he does.

Fred McKinney says:

At 2:35 — my thoughts EXACTLY about Microsoft Windows! LOL

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