Boy with an Aggressive, Unstoppable Appetite

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A boy with an aggressive appetite can’t stop eating. He’s losing weight, in pain and having severe allergic reactions. |


Nicole Nicole says:

God bless him

ImnotsurewhatIwantmynameto besoImjustgonnatypethis says:

That Nigga looks like the taxi driver from Halloweentown

Lamborghini Boss says:

Where is the mom in all this?

Scotlynn Slaten says:

Omg that was the best thing I've ever seen

Dancing Hot Dog :3 says:

Excuse me,food is like FYI.

Aron Falcon eyes says:

Oh my god. I hope his okay. I now about this problem

Kim John Un says:

boy that can't breath

Dad: B R E A T H!!!

Bella Crystal says:

Not tryna be sarcastic, but does anyone think Troy looks like Glen from Chucky?

Novern Flare says:

11% less fat is literally all his fat

sammyplayzHD _ says:

The facts the man says like that's a rare disease is true but it's acting

XmanicBoyXL says:

God dam boi can eat

Andrew Hayes says:

I'm fat and ugly

BlueXGamer says:

He looks like ssundee

Jack XD666 says:

This is a recreation of the "event"

Craze Vlogs says:

I weigh 95 pounds I'm 13
My diet is
Breakfast on weekdays = cereal
Breakfast on weekends = Bacon-sasagues-eggs-
Sometimes I skip lunch
Lunch weekdays = chips & sandwich or salad
Lunch weekends = hotdog or sandwich or salad
1 every 2 months we eat at fast food yum
Dinner weekdays = boxed meals EX:macaroni
Dinner Friday = barbecue meat or hamburgers and hotdogs
Snacks – lowfat chips
Protein bar
Can food
Am I healthy for my age ?
Just want to know

Daniel Garcia says:

I can eat anything there is and I'm still a stick

King Trill says:

It's a walker!

Iven The beast says:

I'm Glad this little bitch suffered

Meme Machine says:

I didnt think anybody could be fatter than me but skinny as well

dolly arencibia says:

So we have a girl that does not eat at all and we have a boy that eats so much an does not stop maybe they can be friends and they would look so cute together

Darin Diako says:

Can some one just explain how you can be "Too sick" to have a transplant to fix that "Too sick(ness)"

SSJ JD says:

I eat 7 times a day and I stay skinny :/

Amber Cheer says:

I think that its amazing how a little ten year old boy that almost died, could turn his life around and become a wrestler. Like if you agree!

Zack Liu says:

I'm so happy he still liveing😢😢😢😢😢😢

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