Student Food Allergies // Beginning Teacher Series: Episode 1

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Student Food Allergies // Beginning Teacher Series: Episode 1

Let me know in the comment section how you manage student with food allergies in your class!

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Leticia Pearse says:

Please don't swap out allergens – you are creating a risk of cross-contamination and the child is unaware of the danger. My daughter (ana to milk and nuts) keeps cupcakes in a school freezer – they are brought out in the morning if a child brings in birthday treats and will be defrosted by the time the treats are handed out. It is important that the child has their own safe foods – the teacher should not be making that decision on a whim.
I like the idea of this series, and the title of this episode was promising, but certainly does not provide sound advice for anaphylaxis – more for giving treats in different circumstances.
Knowledge is key when managing allergies – ensure you understand what the child is allergic to.

Brie Borg says:

I am so excited to follow your vlog 🙂 I am due to graduate next year, and will find your advice very helpful 🙂

Darin Nakakihara says:

Did you just say Loli-bag?…Fair Dinkum:) Dang, my Aussie is getting good! Great tips, Florence!

Life in Kafoople Land says:

This is a great idea for a series 👍🏼

Mr Garland's Classroom says:

Im loving the way you promote inclusivity in your classroom. It is so important for children to feel the same as everyone else. As I embark on my career this video series will be very helpful.  P.S I decided to start making videos again.

That One Happy Classroom says:

i LOVE that you are doing this series! It will be so incredibly helpful for so many people including myself! 🙂

Karissa Newton says:

I have same thought process when it came to the lollies 🍭 did even cross my mind about the hardness of the lollies.

Good video! Keen for more

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