Best Herb For Dog Allergy

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Dr Jones shows you the most effective herb for stopping the itching and scratching if your dog has an allergy. How to make the herbal tincture at home, how to dose it properly.

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Stella Bella says:

Dr.Andrew my 13 year old chow/pitmix was given to me when she was born to a Mother who died because she got hit by a car. She never recieved any Mother's milk and has had a weak immune system her entire life.
Full body yeast is our problem now, she completely healed with a raw diet and one month of ketolazone. Now that she is off ketolazone she is back to greasy yeast around her neck, itchy paws and scabs all over.
Do you have anything natural we can try? I will try this tea, but if you have anything else over the counter I would love to try it… Poor girl is suffering in this Florida heat again and we need a little advice..
Thank you Doc..
‚ėļ ūüíē xoxox

lilchi721 says:

What if your dog doesn't like the tea then what do you do?

Jacqueline Judge says:

Strawbry had all those shots on Sunday morning,but, she's still ill, very lethargic not much appetite and diarhhea when she's given chicken even, plus her wee feet are still swollen,she came for a walk at Giants Ring(Neolithic stone thing) last night n was completely wrecked afterwards

Ana Larson says:

have you also tried the honey treatment on Tula? If so did it help at all?
Also what type of diet does she have? We went to raw or cooked and it improved but our one dog has a lot of issues so I will try the nettle for her and us. Thanks.

Bianca L says:

Hello Dr. Andrew, I'll give this a try. I've got two Bichons with severe allergies to certain grasses and most of the commercial food, I switched to raw feeding 5 years ago and they are much better however the grass allergies still persist. My dogs are very itchy and keeps licking their paws which seem sore and the fur around it is orange. I will give this a try and hope it'll help. I also bath my Bichons in malaseb.
One more question, what is your opinion about Apoquel ? My vet gave it to me and it worked like a magic however as there's not much research on it I took my dogs off of it. Just wondering what is your opinion about it. Thank you for everything you do x

K tiffy says:

nettles are very good for humans so not surprised that dogs can benefit from the anti inflammatory properties, also very rich in iron.

K tiffy says:

cats seem to really like valerian and Cat nip, also certain grasses.
I was intrigued by the plantain, because it was a plant brought over by earlier settlers, not indigenous to North America, for various healing properties.

Binit Pradhan says:

dr andrew does iodine or salt is necessary for dogs or not?

Jacqueline Judge says:

Hello Andrew, thanks again,,turns out that wee strawbry has been bitten some time ago by an unknown insect, that's actually killing off several dogs around Hortlands vet vicinity!!!. Strawbry had an antibiotic jab, an anti inflammatory jab and a painkilling jab as well, she was at very serious level,if I'd left her without med help for another few days she may have gone into organ failure,god..the vet Johnny, said he's never seen so many dogs with this,,said it seems similar to Luke's disease, Christ, I was so sorry,but now 4 hrs later she's walking a wee bit in the garden but she's absolutely exhausted,,so am I. Thank you Andrew,so much

Whisper2me says:

My¬†Australian shepherd¬†has lick granuloma and I can't get him to stop licking his front leg. Do you have any videos on this subject?…Thank you!

boggero meats says:

I have a ten year old german shepard, what are your thoughts on feeding him raw beef and chicken? He is allergic to pork, venison, duck, and carrots and tomatoes. I am seeing the benefits of raw food, frozen to be safe, but he is ten years old.

Janine Graham says:

How about giving it as an ice cube "treat"? That's how I get green tea into my dog.

Caryn Gayfield says:

I am getting the dried nettle leaf from my cupboard and will give my toy poodle some nettle tea today, she is ramping up for another cortisone injection what with scratching and licking and I would rather try this.  I have been giving her ACV green tea with honey for the past three months like you suggested in another video to try to combat skin allergy and yeasts on the skin.  I notice she is slightly better because usually by this time between cortisone shots she is really severe. Maybe I will combine the nettle tea with the honey.  Thanks!  Tula yeah!

Kathy Barrett says:

I watched your videos all the time and I've never seen you mention colloidal silver as an option for an antibiotic or for other uses. What are your thoughts?

Sandy Schwartzkopf says:

Herb grinder! Not sharing my coffee grinder with leaves. lol

trixiegirlism says:

This is so great. My little shih tzu is actually allergic to benadryl. My vet said he's never heard of an animal being allergic to benadryl, but she vomits violently 20 minutes after a dose. I tested it for several weeks, one day a week, and always the same response. It makes me wonder if there are other animals on benadryl that also have a problem with vomiting that their owners haven't put two and two together as to the cause. And she doesn't do well on cortisone shots either. So I'm going to give this a try using a mortar and pestle to grind the leaves. Thanks Dr. jones. Laurie

Binit Pradhan says:

dr andrew please make a video on what home made food can we give to our dog

Hannah Sibbach says:

Could we also add this to their food instead of the syringe?

Laura Petrilli says:

Dear DR. Hotness ,  Can you recommend an herb that my cats can take weather internally or a tea or tincture  like you just made.? I feed a group of homeless cats  and I wanted to help them some how with fleas or bugs., I can hide  it in their food,. I cannot get close enough to use diatamatious earth on their bodies. Thanks in advance,  Laura  ( I need it too mosquitoes love me,)

Shayla Johnson says:

Herbbb lolūüėĀūüėĀūü§£ but on a serious note my little dog has redness and itchy breakouts from time to time i give him an oatmeal bath and wing him off of dry food i feel might have caused it

K tiffy says:

I made a coconut oil and plantain salve for my itchy Cat, and he licked it off as fast as possible, he liked the taste

Janice Dix says:

I think Tula is going to be another pet that will let you twist her into a pretzel if you want to! LOL! She's so cute! BlessingsūüíĚ

yepperoo yepperoo says:

Tulla's gonna be okay with it. haha

ratana appignani says:

Hi Dr. Jones Me and my husband just move in to new home . And we're have 5 stray cats that living in are backyard. I started feeding and taking care off them one off the cat have a hair loss looking like from chewing and itching all the times she didn't look good we living by the wood area. She might got bit by fleas. Can I use this for her she's a cat ? And how to not let other 4 cat eat it?

Pamela Thrasher says:

Great video Dr. JONES!! ‚ô•

chinookvalley says:

Wow, this looks amazing. My little heeler/pit mix is constantly itching, his lips swell, and his tummy and ears are red with raised rash. I'm trying different things but nothing (other than benedryl) works. They love raw honey, so I think I'll add this to the tincture to improve the taste. Now to hunt the wild areas for fresh Stinging Nettle. Thanx!

Hound Life Vlogs says:

Fantastic. I have stinging nettle growing on our property so can make it from the fresh plant. Great to know that it's ok for cats too.

elizabeth valencia says:

Thank you so much. This video is very helpful I would give this a try. i have a dog with mild to severe seasonal allergies.

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