How to give your dog an allergy injection

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Go to for more information on skin and ear problems in animals. This video shows two of our technicians demonstrating how to give a subcutaneous injection of allergen. Allergy injections are a safe and effective way to treat environmental allergies in animals.


Brokemyhip says:

I started my dog on the starter vial 2 weeks ago. The dr. Is still prescribing Apequel 16 mg to relieve the itching. My dog still has a bit of hair loss on both sides of his body and his bottom. About how long will it take start seeing the difference? I understand patience very well. I am just trying to make him as comfortable as possible.

Brokemyhip says:

This is the next step I have to take with my bulldog. The Apequel 16mg has a mediocre effect on him. There is a significant amount of hair loss that he still needs to recover. It's been such a trial. Sometimes exhausting at times.

Marcel Ana says:

Thank you for the video
Very helpful

Diane Smith says:

Thanks! I appreciate the video and the fact it's simple and direct.

Anthony Bell says:

I thought you were supposed to aspirate the needle back before injecting…

shauntelle09 says:

This video is really helpful. It's straight to the point and I love that. My Shiba Inu is experiencing her first set of allergy shots this upcoming week so they directed me to YouTube. I appreciate the video beyond what words can describe. Thank you!!! 🙂

aabilkal says:

Learned more the spots of inj

serendipitous says:

Thanks for the informative video!

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