Adrenal Fatigue and Candida

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The adrenal glands are glands that help you recover from stress. People that have been unwell long term often are stressed people. They’re anxious people. They’re stressed people. They’re depressed people. They can’t find any answers to their health problems. They get bounced around from one practitioner to another, they buy stuff on IHerb, or they go all over the place trying to feel well. And then at the end of the day, they’re still not well. They’ve spent all this money. Think about why recovery is poor with these people.
When you think about the adrenal glands, you think about stress. Stress is something that affects all of us. We can’t escape stress. But most of us get good sleep. We’ve got a balanced lifestyle. We understand the difference between work and play. We eat good food. We relax plenty, and our adrenals recover. But for quite a lot of people, the adrenals never recover fully, and I find this with many people today who are hooked into electronic devices or people who have mortgage debt, relationship stress, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, the list goes on and on. There are 101,000 causes why people get sick and maintain sickness, but healthy strong bodies recover from all sorts of latent viruses and toxicities. Most people will recover to quite a high degree.
When you don’t recover, however, a very smart test for you to do is an adrenal test, so a test to determine what your cortisol levels are like. Salivary cortisol is a more accurate indication of the 24-hour rhythm or pattern of cortisol in the body, as opposed to doing one blood test, which doctors like to do. Pretty useless test if you’re just going to do one hormone test. Doing salivary cortisol tests in a 24-hour period is going to give me an idea on the cycle of cortisol, the rhythm or the balance of it.
I just had a patient on Skype whose test came back very flat. This is a 38-year-old lady who has had Candida for many years. She’s got chronic fatigue. She’s got fibromyalgia. She’s got multiple problems. But when I look back at her case history, there was sexual abuse there. She’s had terminations. She’s had multiple relationships fail. She’s had problems with her boss. She lost her property because she couldn’t pay it off. Her father got killed in an accident. All of these things occurred to this lady in a period of about five to seven years. She just had one tragedy after another, and she got stressed. She got highly burnt out, and she’s never really been well since. This patient can’t seem to get on top of her vaginal thrush. As I said to her, the best way to fix it up is to treat it locally, but also try to build up the underlying immune system, which is very affected by poor cortisol levels.
The adrenal gland produces cortisol every day. In fact, we produce about 7 to 10 milligrams of this hormone per day. Cortisol has a fantastically powerful effect to regulate many different systems in the body. It’s one of the most important hormones that affect our inflammation. Lack of sufficient cortisol creates pain in the body. Too much cortisol can also create serious problems when it comes to inflammation. It can be more responsible for things like allergies and hypersensitivities. But what we typically find in people with burnout, they’ve got a lack of cortisol. They just haven’t got enough there, so the immune system can’t be powered up enough to help fight fungal infections, to help fight bacterial infections, to help get rid of parasites. And oftentimes when people have been sick enough, their cortisol goes down, the bad bugs go up. The beneficial bugs go down. The patient maintains this circle of sickness for many, many years.
The best way I find to get them out of it is to assess the adrenal function, treat it appropriately with the correct lifestyle and diet, and I usually use some carefully chosen supplements for that. Get their health back again and the yeast infection is gone within three to six months. Gone by default.
If you can relate to what I mentioned about this lady, burnout, fatigue, stress, money problems, relationship problems, hassles with family members, or long term chronic stress, this is going to create a lot of problems for you. You need to deal with this before you can deal with the Candida effectively.
I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into stress and Candida. Thanks for checking out my video today.


Micbelle Ballas says:

Hello, I'm currently recovering from adrenal fatigue and am also trying to help quell candida(through a healthy diet & a few supplements) as I wait for my canxida kit to arrive. I find that the only thing that helps me to sleep is 5mg of melatonin each night….but in another of your videos you mentioned that melatonin is a hormone. I'm just not sure if I'm doing more harm than good. Though my fatigue is gradually, yet consistently, lifting.

Michael Guadarrama says:

I currently have candida. I was on a very healthy diet for about 2 months, then I slowly started eating candy. One weekend I went nuts on candy. I guess I wasnt healed and got extreme fatigue and lost weight again. Is losing weight common? I lost it the first time about 12 lbs, and everything I read says Candida causes weight gain. I also feel very very weak in the morning in my arms and legs. Any clarity to these symptoms?

Bryan Thornton says:

Hi , I have a question to ask and was wondering if you would help me. I think I have severe adrenal fatigue with severe candida. I was wondering if the mevy part of the candida Diet would help heal the adrenal glands or do the adrenal glands need a little unrefined carbohydrates at every meal? If they do, how do you eat unrefined carbohydrates without feeding candida. please help. thanks

flowerbubu says:

Hello Dr.Bakker,
You mentioned that your patients take adrenal fatigue meds from UK based company. I am taking CanXida product for Candida and Dr.James Wilson' Adrenal Fatigue supplements. i am sure that on your advice on one of your video's i ordered Dr.Wilson's adrenal supplements. Please confirm that it's the same company where your patients get there products. i am planning to consult you in future but following you on youtube cuz of financial reasons. Thanks Jas

Natalie Kerven says:

Hi Eric, What can you tell me about Enlarged adrenal glands? Do you know the cause of this?

Tony M says:

So of cortisol levels do show up very low, how do we get them back up? supplements alone? certain foods? a bit confused on this topic. I apologize ahead of time if all of this is in your book as I'm new to this channel and haven't picked that up yet. thanks

Emma Novotny says:

Hi Eric, love watching your videos I find them very informative. Just a question – do you have any suggestions for things to help with insomnia or broken sleep with adrenal fatigue?

Natalie Kerven says:

HI Eric, What do you recommend with your program if a person has adrenal fatigue. Should they only go, continue on your program (yes, they know about the stress, job, sleep and so on) or do you recommend any good supplements for these people? Thanks..

Natalie Kerven says:

HI Eric, What do you recommend with your program if a person has adrenal fatigue. Should they only go on your diet (yes, they know about the stress, job, sleep and so on) or do you recommend some supplements for these people? Thanks..

TheManWithNoName says:

Hi Eric. Why do adrenal suppelements cause my candida symptoms to become worse? I get bloating, the trush in my tongue increases and I get itching all over my body. Yet when I try to get rid of the candida it seems that my adrenals are having a hard time handling it. Why do the supplements feed the candida?

Maria Svensson says:

Hi and thanks for all good information. I think I have both bad adrenal function and also candida. I have tried "a million " differrent supplements and other things but still have problems. Have do I know if I shall treat the candida or the adrenal problems first and what supplements do you mean by "use some carefully chosen supplements"? Just to know if I have already tried them…Thanks and have a nice day!/mia

Joe says:

"The Art of Living" by Epictetus translated by Sharon Lebell
"Feeling Good" by David Burns
"A Guide to Rational Living" by Albert Ellis

I found these books better than any supplement or chiropractic treatment I ever paid for. The books will work instantly to reduce stress and they are a life long practice. 

Good luck!

Tim siniff says:

Do you know if Candida Cell Wall Suppressor by is an effective product?

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