Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs Skin Allergies: Itching, Fleas & Rashes

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There are several homeopathic remedies for dogs with skin allergies including dermatitis, skin cancer, dry eczema, and rashes and itching from grass, dust, sprays, odors, fleas, etc. Homeopathy promises a natural and permanent treatment for various ailments in dogs. In India, Canada, UK, and Australia many veterinary doctors are getting amazing results by using homeopathic medicines in dogs.
Secale Cornutum is a natural remedy acts well on dogs for allergy from the grass. Only a few doses of this amazing remedy will free your dog permanently from grass allergy. Mix Staphysagria mother tincture into your dog shampoo whenever you give her a bath, it will keep away all types of fleas from your dog. You can also Staphysagria Q directly on your dog hair to prevent from fleas.


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