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Hey Babes!

I’m so excited to start sharing my sons allergy journey with you all! I have had quite a few parents reach out to me already about their children potentially having allergies, and I am so glad I can help. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions!

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Love you all!


Kate and Babes says:

i've had celiac for 20 years, my daughter isn't allowed to be tested until she is 2/3 years old. go with your gut honey. so scary, lucky today there is internet to do lots of research. if you have any questions feel free to message me. i was the kid going through the allergies…. so crazy xo

LF Beauty101 says:

how do you make your intros?! i am obsessed with them 😍

Kimberly Brown says:

I love this video so much! I can't wait to see what else you post 😝

JensBigBlend says:

It sucks having a little one with multiple food allergies! My youngest daughter is allergic to dairy, peanut, tree nuts, eggs, citrus, beef, I suspect pork, and she is sensitive to soy and wheat. It's hard and I feel absolutely horrible. We've gotten the run around as well! My older son left his milk down where she could grab it and she took a sip and immediately had a reaction. When I rushed her to the ER and was finally seen by a doctor, he asked me how I knew for sure she was allergic to dairy… uhm, are we looking at the same kid?! Doctors can be so frustrating! I'm glad you found someone that you trust! I actually did a video on what my toddler eats in a day and caught a reaction on camera. It was pretty scary.

kristin panaro says:

Can you do a video on what he eats in a day?

livandmommylife says:

Im really glad you found a doctor that finally understood anthonys allergies, I would be just as mad too with all he had to go through before that 😧 I also recently discovered coconut milk and kaelan actually loves it 😁

alaw ruth says:

I find this so interesting! And it's amazing how you are handling everything so well! ❤️

Our LANDing Crew says:

My daughter has an allergy to almonds. Thankfully it's not super scary and she's almost 13 so it's a bit different! How scary!!!!

Nomis 99 says:

So excited for this channel to kick off! Love your videos!

Aliciaa012 says:

I thank you sooo much for this channel. You are such a strong parent & your baby boy is extremely lucky to have and amazingly persistent mother like you. Thank you for educating us on such a fatal & fairly unknown topic. I'm 16 & with no kids but I love watching your family & this has become one of my new favorite channels because of how informative it is. So I thank you again! 💓

Nikita and Baby says:

That is insane how much you both have been through in such a short amount of time. I cant even imagine how much you had to change. Do you also take account if any body or products like that dont have anything in them that can get an reaction? My daughter is about to be 1 on Wednesday and I have yet to give her peanut butter or any type of fish cause im just scared. I know i have to give it to her, but im just scared. Cant wait to see the other videos

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