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Learn the safe and effective way to give your pets apple cider vinegar topically for allergies, skin infections, flea issues, bladder infections, cystitis in cats, eye infections, and more! Your pets will love you for it! All you need is apple cider vinegar, purified water, a bowl and a few cotton balls.

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Matt Garza says:

So the topical solution for fleas should be applied once a DAY? Thank you.

Carla Jo says:

I'm giving this a try in our fight against fleas. I'll let you know when I see improvement. The only thing that's worked for us so far has been that pill, but I've heard so many horror stories about it that I'm actually scared to give it to her now. No flea treatment has worked so far. NW Washington fleas seem to be a sturdy bunch.

Eagle Realty Virgin Islands says:

Earth Clinic Website and THIS video saved my husband and I on a Friday night when our dog, 75 Shepard Ratwiler mix, 6 year old Female, exhibited severe UTI symptoms. She had accelerated breathing, repeated urge to urinate, squatting 10-12 times after urinating trying to release more. This went on til midnight. CAUSE-She was exposed to toxic bug spray earlier Friday. SOLUTION-Article on Earh Clinic 11 ways to heal Dog UTIs and THIS VIDEO. Applying Apple Cider Vinegar through her paws was immediately effective. We gave her warm bath cleansing toxin out of her fur; Omega 3 400mg for inflammation, 2Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar through Paws, then 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar in water with her grain-free food. By Saturday afternoon, she was back to normal! Saved hundreds of dollars the vet would have cost plus dog did not have to take antibiotics. THANK YOU!!

Kim Isom says:

You mentioned using it for the eyes, is it the same mixture and apply it with cotton? Our Bassett has constant eye infections due to the excess skin in that area. Thx!

Barbie C says:

Thanks I have had success with my cat using the acv
it helps a lot with fleas and other issues she doesn't like it but once I get it on her she's fine .

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