How To Shop Cheaply for Raw Dog Food And Cure All Food Allergies!!

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Documentary tv “How A RAW Food Diet Fixed what meds didn’t”

Take a journey to the meat market and learn how to shop for meats and organ for your dog cheaply.

Cure your dog of food allergies and escape vets costly medicines!!

52lbs of meat and organs for $62

Budget raw shopping 80lbs of meat and organs for $26.40!!!

My dog shown is a Dogo Argentino that fully recovered from food Allergies!!


Michael Mayo says:

White tripe been bleached no benifet need green tripe it stink but way better

Devin Ibarra says:

Where can I find a butchery like this? Chicago area

Gloria Avishai says:

where do I find a store that sells meat like that? What is the name of the store?

Nicholas Sommer says:

Bro, this is amazing. Thank you so much for posting. I'm out in Schaumburg and will be going to this place. My dog was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Taking him off kibble and going to Raw to buy more time with him before I have to put him down.

D says:

What Kind of store is that? I have never seen a store like that in my life. Also why did you leave your poor baby in the car? Was it nice and cold outside I hope?

Swiggty says:

Wow my stepdad is crazy saying that “buying meat for dogs is too expensive” but he can pay the same amount he spends for our dog and she can be healthier oh well his money is going down the drain not mine

xStr8Savagex says:

Definitly worth the watch, but idk about the organs, specially the liver considering the function of its job.

Jorge Calatrines says:

Is that an American Bulldog?

Saint Lsu says:

were you located an what is the name of that store

Gaming Leviathan says:

now to find somewhere that sells meat this way ^^, my main issue when buying raw food is getting just meat, boneless meat, no shoppes around here sell unprocessed meat, I can get chicken necks and framers, lambs fry and kidney but not meat, gonna have to keep looking ^^

Señor Deadpool says:

So all that meat how long does it last you?

maritza Domeneck says:

I never saw a meat market with food in containers at a display look the way it was shown here I wish I had something like this in this area. But I kind of worry that meets their are they grass-fed animals organic otherwise you going to get the the antibiotics and Other Drugs they give to animals then you're back to square one.

John yoon says:

dam cheak meat for 3.99 a lb is expensive. u get find dog raw food co ops that sells to most states thru uhaul delivery and prices are great. $20 bucks for 40lbs of chicken necks
also why u feeding so much hearts which is a muscle meat but should be fed to much as meat. Should only be 10% at max of the diet for hearts muscle meat and rest using other meat so 80% meat(with 10% of them being heart) 10~15% organs 10%~15% bones this is what ratio u need.
Its good to feed them chicken 1/4s and raw ground beef and mix in duck wings and turkey here and there but i dont feed pork. And necks my dog just doesnt like it anymore for some reason but she loved it at first.
So i give wings and chicken legs for bone and ground beef and cheek meat which is the rough beef meat they dont sell for human cheap and feed beef liver 5% of the order and the other 5% in kidney lungs and spleen etc. No port My rottie is such a beauty and no problems whats so ever.Healthy and in shape and happy. U can try out raww energy or quality dog food for prices.
Say Jon Yoon the asian kid referred u and look for deb at quality and dorean at rawwenergy

John yoon says:

those bleached white tripe deosnt give anything to the dogs. U need the green smelly shit before bleached. Those white is just a waste of weight.

John yoon says:

where do u find butcher shops like that in NJ? lol

nickg491 says:

raw pork products need to be frozen for at least 3 weeks to kill trichinosis. I personally avoid raw pork all together because I don't have much freezer space, and there are safer raw meats to be found. If you have a nice big freezer then go for it. Just be aware of the risks associated with pork.

Leon Cole says:

Sir thanks for your info.. it really was educational for me… the raw feeding chart that you displayed at 1:11 … where can I find that chart. Or something similar to?

malek jame says:

Brooo what market is that?!

Nick Lopez says:

Hello, I want to start feeding my blue bay shepherd a raw diet, does anyone know where I can find a meat market just like this one where you can get the meat dirt cheap in Maryland ? Or how can I find one?
Thank you

freedomalert says:

Are you giving your dogs the chicken bones? i thought they were dangerous.

GoldenAge K9 says:

I heard that freezing meat for a couple of days kills parasites ? Is this true ?

Marla L. Ruth says:

Suggestion: jerky treats

His Grace says:

Hey bud, how much are you paying for beef cheek? I can only get it for 2.99 a pound, seems a little high for dog food. Your thoughts?

His Grace says:

Excellent video

Mika Mitena says:

You guys are soon cute!

lexip396able says:

Oh you gotta be on the east coast

aduran91017 says:

Tripe = menudo. Best cure for dogs with hangovers lol

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