Adam On Woman Dragged Off Southwest Flight Over Life Threatening Dog Allergy

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joyr36 says:

It would seem as if she had dog allergies, she would be getting off the plane as quick as she could.  If the dogs were removed, there would still be dog hair and dog dandruff on the plane.  The airline is not going to take everyone off the plane and clean the plane just so she can fly on that flight.

Bryan Joseph says:

Obviously she did not have life threatening allergy to dogs because such a thing DOES NOT EXIST…and anyone that would have a rare rare condition like that , would have sooo many other health problems , they would be traveling in the equivalent of a plastic bubble..with more meds and documents, than u can imagine, just to survive…considering, an allergy like that, would be triggered( like her) anywhere dogs have been recently..( dog hair and dander, goes everywhere) it's nonsense , and only takes someone with slightly above average IQ, to think through…

Ekon Rekon says:

Looks like a Jewess​ privileged cunt

J. S. says:

Read the full account and she did herself in when she arrogantly opened her entitled mouth. She does not have a life threatening allergy to dogs. When the Capt. asked her about her allergy she denied her allergy was life threatening when she found out she could not fly.

T H E C Y N D I C A T E says:

The service dog thing is out of control. It's just people that want their dogs with them. The same with fat people and handicap parking. The government needs to step up and demand proof that people need these things.

Mike Redding says:

Pets need to be in a crate.

Chuck Clark says:

Can't jump the shark, huh?

lowaces says:

but prophet muahmed fucked his dead aunt in her grave, that means i should hate dogs !!!

Comic630 says:

Jim works well with Corolla.

NoFace says:

"I'm a professor" imagine my shock

Anderson Nettleship says:

Southwest shouldn't apologize to that idiot, she was in the wrong not Southwest Airlines.

Auntie M says:

Just go with them and you will be booked on another flight instead of going to jail.
My mom had cancer, doesn’t look like it but she had to carry a letter from her Doctor in order to fly.
A dog allergy! Really! Dogs fly did this women think that sanitize the plane after every flight? She didn’t have any allergy or she would not have made it past security and the bomb/ drug sniffing dogs that walk throughout the airport.

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