AnnaLynne McCord On Adult Acne, Food Allergies, Not Being Politically Correct

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AnnaLynne McCord On Adult Acne, Food Allergies, Not Being Politically Correct at 16th From Slavery to Freedom Gala red carpet at Skirball Cultural Center — Guerin Pavilion in Los Angeles, Ca USA May 29, 2014 – Interview by Amber Scholl

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Mashed Potatoes says:

Jesus Christ. Beautiful, smart, eloquent, witty, charming, and honest. I LOVE YOU GIRLLLLL


I love her!!!!

amelia wilson says:

we are like exactly the same my dad is six foot five my mum is really petite and I'm am allergic to gluten swell oh and i have blonde hair and have watched the series of 90210

Jeremy Sears says:

She gave a deep answer. I like this hot girl. Smart, sexy, believes in self preservation.

KLeigh0110 says:

AnnaLynne looks like a cross between Charlize Theron and Mena Suvari 🙂

ReallyFilthyToad says:

She got old.

lola nannah says:

I love this woman. she is honest,smart,down to earth,she´s gone through a lot…. a true inspiration!

Broken Dreams says:

Gluten doesnt make you fat :O

axelpilarte says:

I'm 19! I have Acne and i feel the ugliest guy on earth, and i have to deal with it. But things like she says makes me feel that i'm not alone. 

Dante H. says:

I had no idea she was kinda awesome.

Jacqui Penar says:

Guys, I know why you're here… now back to 2.0

Callie Jet says:

damn getting all offended like oh my acne is a disease don't make fun of someone with a disease. bitch calm down you aren't fucking dying you just have acne and no it is not any different than the acne you had in high school. you are still super young acne is normal

icegirl71388 says:


MaximoTV says:

#AnnaLynneMcCord talks about the reason why she posted a selfie with no makeup and on being perfect

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