Mild Allergic Reaction- Latex Fruit & Medicine Allergies

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Filmed Oct 11, 2013. I was feed up with the lack of information available on products that may contain latex and the cross reactive fruits. But while filming I had a recurrence from a medicine I start last night. Bu now I am wondering if they use latex gloves in the pharmacy? I know the bakery in this store does! @#$#@


Queen B says:

Oh my! That doesn't look like a mild reaction to me at all. Be careful!I just developed a latex/food allergy and this is probably the scariest thing I've had to deal with. Take care.

QuackersJackers says:

Hey thanks for the video. I am so sorry that you have to go through this, my heart goes out to you. You are a brave woman. I had a reaction to rubber a few months ago. I was using a hot water bottle and didnt leave the cover on. I dont think that would help me much. My face swelled and my whole body heated up and went very itchy. My eyes stayed swollen for days. Tonight I had the very same reaction plus my throat swelled up. I didnt wait for anymore than that and used my husbands  epipen (I am aware not to use others medication, but I was panicking and losing my breath). This is what concerns me. The only thing I can think of is I had a high lighting kit for my hair. It was clairol frost and tip. I noticed the gloves were now white and picked them up (my bad) but had never had a problem before and used this brand many times. Except for these two times I have never had a allergic reaction to anything in my life. Your story has made me realize that I need to go to the drs. tomorrow. You seem to have so much heart and you are a spunky gal. Clearly you have had much to deal with and yet you still care to make this video. Even if it only ever helps me you have done a service and I am sure my family including my new grandson will appreciate it.

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