Benadryl: The Most Important OTC Prepping and Survival Medication!

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Benadryl is the most important OTC medication for any prepper, homesteader, and survivalist. Benadryl treats allergies, anxiety, and sleep problems. . .and has numerous other uses.


Brett Armistead says:

I could not stop looking over this great survival guideline “suvo amazing guide” (Google it) once I started it. At the start of each chapter, there were real-life situations which were also used as basis for the ideas that followed. It really gives you a feeling of actually surviving in an disaster ridden reality. I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to be ready for an upcoming disaster.

Steve Johnson says:

Diphehydramine is quite stable, its degradation with time is negligible.
If kept cool and dry you can expect the drug itself to last beyond your lifetime let alone past the expiration date, whether the binders and fillers will survive that long is another thing entirely. I have an open bottle of Benadryl in my camper that expired in 1999 that still looks fine.

I say go for the brand name stuff and forget about the expiration date.

AJ Calacci says:

Thanks for the idea.

my little ghosty says:

my mom works at krogers and got 4 bottles of that stuff for like 1.50

Gregory Berrycone says:

truly a wonder medicine

Still OnCourse says:

I didn't know benadryl had a place in prepping. Interesting. I'll look more into it. My experience with it is from the late 80s when I used diphenhydramine to help me sleep. It worked to some extent but never eradicated my sleep issues or fully provided what I needed from sleep. And with the advent of melatonin it became a thing of the past for me. Would've never even crossed my mind to store that for prepping 🙂 But if it is as helpful as you say I'll look into it.

john w says:

I just looked at sams club(5/3/17). They have generic for $5, 25mg 600ct

Brian McWhorter says:

Thanks for all the videos you do. I just wish there were more of them.

Kevin Schaefer says:

Always enjoy your videos, and this was an item that I have not stocked, but will be. Doc?? I read some of the previous comments, and can't believe some people!! I have always enjoyed your videos and reviews, and please keep them coming!! This SC State Constable, will always have your back!!!!!!!!!!!

red9man2130 says:

once again excellent advice! I recall cases back in Michigan where some people on camping trips having allergic reactions to bee stings and either had antihistamines OR were damned fortunate enough to make it to a small town ER! Keep up the good work Doc glad to see you are still on youtube.

Jennifer Johnston says:

u don't have to replace them they will be good for ever …u say why fda just make them put a date ..stored dark cool place u will have them for ever ..i due bought mine 5 year ago.

Mike70005 says:

MDPrepper, Good topic and nice discussion. I'm going to disagree with you on this one. I am a pediatric pulmonologist and deal with a lot of allergies. The 2nd-generation antihistamines, such as Zyrtec (cetirizine), are more effective then Benadryl (diphenhydramine). A single dose can last up to 24 hours whereas Benadryl needs to be repeated three or four times each day. This means the same number of tablets is going to last much longer. That could be important in a situation where resupply is limited. Also, cetirizine won't make you sleepy, like diphenhydramine. Sleepiness could be a real problem in an emergency situation.

Neither of these medications are effective as primary treatment for severe allergic reactions or abaphylaxis which require injectible epinephrine. However, both can be used as adjuncts in the treatment of severe allergic reactions. Again, cetirizine is superior because of faster onset and longer duration of action.

I generally agree with your comments that in a prepping situation tablets are preferred over liquids for ease of storage and transport. The quicker onset of action for liquids can be somewhat mitigated when usibg tablets by crushing the tablet before swallowing.

Karen Lee says:

I have some of this stuff lol I have aspirin to and antacids to lol all i have is a fire bag just in case of a house fire but I'm getting a bigger pack now for the s h t f stuff the news is not all good we all know that it will happen just don't know when .i have some skills in Bush craft camping .but im 50 now and i have a few health problems bad back hip knees but I still do things .

Kathalana Oneg says:

That's going to be the least of our problems. I can do without the dry mouth.It might be a distraction.LOL

ManicheanWarrior says:

I recently went to great lengths to buy BENEDRYL. I never realized that Walmart allergy relief WAS benedryl. Thanks.

Portugee Prepper says:

Hey there MD new subscriber, just finished looking at your channel really great stuff Thanks for sharing. Btw I have a new channel on backyard homesteading if you have some time please come check out my new channel. Thanks and take care!!

Richard Sabo says:

The Dollar General brand is also quite cost effective. The 25mg x365 for I think just over $7 – when they have it in stock, that is.

Nicole W. says:

There are also foil packets of Diphenhydramine/Benadryl powders that are easy to carry and don't require water to take. They are flavored and store nicely in your vehicle, purse, wallet, B.O.B. You may find these at Wal-mart near the check-out section. I believe they are called "First Aid remedy" Each packet contains 25 mg of diphenhydramine or Benadryl.

Dutch Prepper says:

Please… It is not "benadryl" you should be talking about. That's just a brand name. What you mean is : the need to prep Antihistamine.

On the road says:

Valerian seems pretty inexpensive and has many positive feedback on Amazon. I was looking at the "Now" brand of valerian root at 500mg each. I understand if you hesitate in recommending a brand, but can you recommend a one?… I enjoyed your videos for a long time and started back when you were assembling first aid kits..thanks again

Deputy Prepper says:

thanks I knew you would have a good answer

Deputy Prepper says:

how does it help with anxiety. I have chronic anxiety and if I ran out of my meds would this help me get through until I got more. thanks keep up the good work

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