Allergies, Tip How To Handle Naturally, Austin Natural Medicine

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Allergies, Tip How To Handle Naturally, Austin Natural Medicine

Tip how to handle allergies naturally.

Dr. Fritz teaches Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Academy for Oriental Medicine in Austin.

After getting undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology from the University of Virginia, Dr. Vanessa Fritz graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) as well as a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM).

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KillaCroc133 says:

That's because more people are alive…

whiterican 74 says:

Nettie pot? I simply cup my hand and perform the wash that way. Not once but twice. Probably not as often as I should but hey what do you know I was doing something a Doc. recommends without ever being told. Chronic sinus infections are a b….

whiterican 74 says:

Any recommended sources of fish oil for fisherman in Florida. I used to live in NY were most fish are have highly concentrated amounts as well as the rest of the nasty crap too. Man makes me wish for a good steelhead fight again, Of course a brown trout ain't so bad either.

elohelreh says:

This is awesome info – thanks for sharing!!

wudifeixue says:

thumb up if u clicked in to see a hot chick and got disappointed.

sloppymantis says:

@infowarriorpdx ROFL I couldnt figure out the title either so had to check it out. I thought allegory was a type of word but maybe there was also a medical problem hhaah its on moer than one vid from here I wonder why?

anurre5 says:

Act now! S.510 will pass tomorrow! Protect your right to grow food and choose what food you eat!

hman111 says:

@ORVX M.D are not actually real doctors. They do not have a PHD. This woman you call a twit is obviously a PHD in her field. Which is a higher accreditation than your average physician. Furthermore the mainstream medical profession if you know anything is extremely limited and focuses on treating mainly symptomolgy. Don't be so ignorant.

Morgoth Bauglir says:

an allegory is a story with a double i wrong? :V Well i like your vids anyway xD

nickstar717 says:

@ORVX conventional medicine sucks big time, you would think the expansion of the medical system and pharma industry (getting millions of dollars in funding) less people would be sick, the opposite is true, cancer diabetes heart diseases and hundreds of ailments have increased 10-fold and people are getting more sicker than any other time in history

SLONA MU says:

Thank you! Great advice!

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