Good Jewelry Vs Bad Jewelry Part 1-THE MODIFIED WORLD- A professional piercer’s view

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In this video, j.c. potts of PANGEA PIERCING explains the differences between good body jewelry and inferior body jewelry and why it’s important…with lots of side by side examples, greatly enlarged. Topics include implant-grade materials, internal threading versus external threading, and surface finishes. While it’s not the most exciting video we’ve brought you, it IS the most informative, and can help keep you safe and healthy in your choices of personal adornment. NO MANUFACTURERS CONTRIBUTED IN ANY WAY TO THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO. The perspective presented is 100% that of j.c. and is in no way, shape, or form influenced by anything other than his almost 20 years as a professional piercer and the collective experience of his colleagues. We have no conflict of interest with our reviews.

To learn more about body jewelry standards check out the Association of Professional Piercers website

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John Thompson says:

your amazing thumbs up to a badass

Jules Encar says:

I have no idea what tragus earring to buy if it’s safe or not can anyone help

LeannEllie Davis says:

Yes, I found your presentation quite enlightning and very informative. Just the video to see to arm myself with the right information to make an intelligent choice in body jewelry. Thank you!

Josie Crue says:

I cant hear the number 138 without thinking of the misfits

Melissa Bruce says:

I'm very greatful for this video. I was just thinking about ordering jewelry online and didn't know what to look for because my local piercer doesn't provide much of a selection. I love watching your videos, they are so informative. Thank you.

Leathur Rokk says:

I am humbled on watching this.I have JUST uploaded my own video about anodized titanium and how we do not really know how the quality is but compared to YOUR video mine is crap….but that said,i just subbed to you,and if i ever swing down your shop's way i will maybe get a new hole;-)

Max Hellsing says:

My piercings are made of titanium. Will they set off an alarm when going through airport security?

Crystal Kelela says:

What jewelry material do we wear for tongue piercings if we don’t want to ruin our teeth and gums? The hard metal like ones already ruined my enamel after wearing it for two weeks. Can I wear acrylic? I’m wearing an acrylic ball with the stainless steel barbell right now. It’s that fine?

The Minimalist Ninja says:

This was brilliant! My current ear piercings are both titanium studs from neometal and my septum is titanium as well. I've been thinking of switching to a ring from anatometal and your video just confirmed my decision. Thank you for taking the time to make such great content, I really appreciate it 🙂

knuxyl says:

I would like to know your thoughts about Obsidian jewelry.

S U N K I S S E D V I B E S says:

Hi! I had a question …. I got my nipple pierced with a curved barbell… is that the wrong barbell? Should it have been striaght? And if I put a straight barbell in it, will it go through the healing process again?

Carianne Rons says:

Best places to get piercings

Nessa Jennings says:

Thank you! Because I can't wear jewelry that's like from forever 21 I did once and the earring turned green and my piercing that I had since I was born started oozing

Kristen LaFond says:

Appreciate this info. Proper!

mrssaradee says:

This was phenomenal

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