Sneezing in a Dog

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Dogs can sneeze from allergies and hay fever, teeth problems, growths or tumors in the nose, infections, irritations, and pieces of grass or plant seeds up in the nose


Nazaruddin Othman says:

just kidding ,,,just kidding,,,😉

Linda Armstrong says:

Thank your assistant for being so attentive . She is very good.

redgear4566 says:

My dog had this yesterday from sniffing up street dust. Blood and mucus everywhere. Still bleeding after an hour, took her to the vet. $720 😑😑😑. She's fine now but having a dog is crushing me finances. I feel like I only go to work just for my dogs… bills are piling up else where

Equintrinity says:

I thought the title meant him sneezing inside of a dog

cet. vies says:

my dogs are vegan

crazeedogs says:

does a foxtail cause constant discomfort to the dog? My senior dog started softly making a sneezing sound and licking his mouth. He doesn't do it constantly but it is very worrisome. Nothing was diagnosed at the vet.

Virginia Flores says:

My dog is sneezing and has some bloody discharge. I went to the vet the first time it happened and he was given antibiotic. I was told to get take him to a specialist that can scope his nose. I don't have the money to do all of this. How much would it cost to have his nose scoped and, if anything is in there, have it removed?

Luke McAbee says:

Thank you so much! This saved my dog!

Jeimy Flores says:

Hi i have a rednose pitbull i just got him a week ago but a day or two after i got him he started sneezing and now he has blood coming out of his nostrils.. i took him to the vet and they gave him some prescriptions but should i be worried ? Everytiime i see him bleed i get so scared ! Is this a serious matter ?

WalkerKillers says:

My dog is a 9 year old who has asthma and has been sneezing rapidly on and off. Anything I can do without going to a vet?

R F says:

Please help!!! My dog is almost 4 yrs old and his left nostril won't stop bleeding. It's been going on for about a month. I have taken him 3x to his vet. I'm currently waiting to hear back for his blood work.

Sphinx Hutc says:

that was great and you're funny as hell I really thought for a minute you were going to do that and I'm cracking up

ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed says:

Just beat him a few good times, does the trick everytime!

Nobody You Know says:

My dog went through this with fountain grass in Pacific Grove. I am so relieved the Emergency Vet was able to remove the particles!:

Sue Robb says:

I knew you had a sense of humor, I called it!

AngelOfArcane says:

About 6 weeks ago I visibly watched a Fox tail go down my aussies nostril. I called the vet after hours and he never suggested surgery since 15 minutes into the ordeal her sneezing stopped.

Anyways, this didn't seem right to me after I did further research and took her in the following morning.

The vet was unable to find it during the scope.

Yesterday she got overly excited and started the backwards sneezing which she's never done before. I plugged her nose with my hand forcing her to breathe through her mouth and it stopped.

My question is, what is the possibility of it not being seen through the scope.

Is it easy to be missed during a scope if it was still in her nasal cavity?

Ty – Concerned mother.

Rebeca Deras says:

please someone tell me has anyon e had there dog die because of this? because I'm so worried

7Mag PigHunter says:

My Boxer Male dog Mr Max just started violently sneezing today and after 2 minutes or so a few drops of blood came through his right nostril. I honestly believe he has something in his nose or a foxtail up his nose because we have those in our backyard. I'm taking him to our local vet early in the morning and I hope its just a foxtail. Right when I let him in my backyard to play he goes digging around and sticking his nose in the dirt or grass. Hes very playful and always want to stick his nose into places he hasn't yet. I live in Los Angeles Pacoima… If only you were closer to me Dr Greg Martinez I would bring him straight to you… Love your attitude towards dogs

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