Two eyeliners, two different results.

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Two eyeliners, two different results. I explain how these two eyeliners, one from Marc Jacobs and the other from Hourglass can be used to create different looks.

Using the Marc Jacobs gel pencil, it delivers with intense pigment payoff and glides on smoothly for precise application, being waterporoof it then sets in place for all-day wear.

With the Hourglass eyeliner, the precision 1.5mm tip ensures effortless control, definition and allows for tightlining in between lashes. If you want to learn about tightlining, you can see my film within the eyes playlist section on my channel.

Products mentioned in this film are listed below:

Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel Crayon

Hourglass 1.5mm gel pencil


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Dawn Baby says:

I used my gel liner just for my upper waterline (if I put it on both waterlines, my eyes look awful) but it still transferred to the bottom, any tips on how to stop that happening please…your eyes look beautiful in this video x

Tiffany Aching says:

I’m being really dense but how do you sharpen the Marc Jacobs one? 😱

AnniFanni01 says:

Ok, now I'm confused.  You said you can use the MJ pencil to line upper and lower waterline.  I thought tightlining  was lining your upper waterline???? Not sure what YOU mean as tightlining, do you consider that above the lashes, but very thinly?

Rachel Moss says:

Just fantastic. I keep seeing the Marc Jacobs coming up as good liners.Also really good tips with the eyelashes and mascara. I see so often 'hard' lined eyes, but this tip softens and widens them. Thanks Caroline. xx

SangriainTO says:

Love your look in this video Caroline

Artlover says:

I get desperate because ANY product which I use on my waterline makes my eyes red & watery….I seem allergic to them all. 
PS = I have occasional Blephoritis which is HELL to get rid of once it starts. Envious of your eye look here !!

Jo Gordy says:

Hi-I love my Mby MJ but it still runs on me-I try everything -help?

Phoebe Purvis says:

Morning morning! Please could you do a video on concealer, for older gorgeous women? I only use concealer during the day.
I don't use foundation, unless for date night.

c b says:

Such good videos. Thanks for the tips!!

Jessica R says:

Can you do a tutorial on this look? Love the eyes!

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