#1 Does my Dog have allergies? (Itchy ears, itchy paws & bum problems).

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Charlie has been to the vets and is feeling very drowsy after sedation. We think he may have allergies. Click the link below for Part 2 and see how Charlie is doing.

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kimber120306 says:

It's all about the diet!!! My Bichon had problems
Until I researched and found that diet plays the biggest role in our dogs health , same goes for humans!!! Homemade dog food or raw meat is the best thing you can do for your pet! The kibble
That you purchase in the store is nothing but GARBAGE!!! Over vaccinating, flea prevenitive is nothing but poison and steroid shots, prednisone only compromises the dogs health even more! I've had as many as 6 dogs at a time, right now I have 4 . Ive had pets throughout my whole life so I've had a lot of practice at what works and what doesn't! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

Panos Papageorgiou says:

dog's nose ,paws and dry skin healing cream !

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