I ALMOST DIED-Salicylates Almost Killed Me-Severe Allergic Reaction To Salicylates + Salacylic Acid

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I had an extremely terrifying encounter with an allergy to Salicylates, from salicylic acid skincare, blackberries, and general allergies. I went into anaphylactic shock as my body became hypersensitive, and my body and face broke out in allergic hives. I never thought my skincare/food/minor seasonal allergies could almost kill me, but with the ‘perfect storm’ of conditions, I almost died. I hope this video spreads some light, and honest awareness for those who, like me, don’t always take their allergies seriously.

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▷ Thought Of The Day:
Take yo allergies seriously, kids. Never thought my minor sensitivities could do this to me.
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Iris Zhai says:

Thank god you're okay! And thanks so much for sharing 🙂 this is something I haven't even considered, even though I also experience a ton of allergies

Hay brookie says:

This is histamine intolerance!

Amanda Melendez says:

Wow I’m allergic to a lot of things… this is gonna make me think about using products with that in it around allergy season

Chanel Mercedes says:

That has happened to me but with benzyl peroxide.

Makeup TihVuhShik says:

had similar when start using acne.org system but only with swollen eyes…but when use BP in smaller doses works best if all…not perfect yet


Great info! I have had similar sensitivities (skin and throat issues) and have become much better after taking Zinc, Turmeric and Magnesium (Magtein). Also started apple cider vinegar shots …and that seems to have improved my gut and vision issues (detoxing internals). Avoiding dairy and nightshades (white potatoes are particularly bad for me) has reduced inflammation (adding Turmeric helps too). Read up on "Lectins" which are naturally found in many foods to protect themselves from insects! (Certain foods and their lectins are bad for bugs and us)

Leanzy Peterson says:

WOW!! The same exact thing happened to me, I was at choir practice and someone goes “Did you get bit by a bunch of bugs?” I looked at my face and was in shock 😳 Glad you made this video because I’ve never heard of anyone else having this same problem and it’s so important for people to know. 💕

Angélica Andrade says:

You are beautiful

Heather Spurrill says:

I have had some random allergic reactions and sometimes randomly break out in hives. I keep allergy medicine on me all the time in case it happens. Still no idea why.

Belle Beauty says:

I'm so glad that you are ok!!! your an amazing person i can relate to <3

Bkshawty490 Simmons says:

It took me using so many different over the counter acne products that contain salicylic acid to find out I have a sensitivity to them that turned into an allergy. Not fun, but at least now you know.

misskachang says:

Whoa…that's very unexpected. Thanks for letting us know. Glad you're better now.

dimplezz1992 says:

didnt you also have a allergic reaction to a pill you took that a while back ? correct me if im wrong but thank god you are ok!

Anonymous Maia says:

Yes to a meet and greets! I live Paris though 😔 Love your videos! They make me want to take more care of my skin and think twice before applying un-natural products. Bisou froom france 🙂 🇫🇷 😘

macky benj says:

please take care of yourself Cass.. Thanks for informing everyone about this.. xx

Megan Fulwood says:

If you do vlogmas I would prefer vlogs only!! 🙂 Love your videos and love you!

nicolaxoxo1 says:

anytime your skin is warm and/or moist, it will absorb MORE of anything on it topically. So if you put something on your skin and exercise you will potentially absorb more….which can be an issue if you are allergic to the substance. The same holds true for applying substances to open rashes. You will absorb more of the substance. I DEVELOPED new allergies to various things this way when I attempted to cover up my rashes with makeup or sunscreens.

Mikayla Jaber says:

So you’re allergic to all three or were the salicylates and salicylic acid just make your allergy worse? And does that mean that if I’m, for example, allergic to peanuts and come into accidental contact with peanuts, and I use salicylic acid and eat blueberries, do I have a good chance of this happening to me too? I’m not allergic to anything so I’m not sure how it works and I’m curious don’t roast me lol

JoahnD says:

I felt like I was watching bill nye the science guy. Sooo many facts and talking. I couldnt finish the video….but glad to see you were FINE in the end

Miniature Kids says:

I have extreme allergies and have to keep an EpiPen on me at all times. It varies with pharmacies and states. But you could trying going on the Epipen website and fill out a short question answer section and you can get a discount code. I do this every time and it makes my pens free because like your situation it’s still extremely expensive on my insurance. Maybe that helps just to have that security!

Carrie Lee says:

It's so crazy that epi pens are so expensive. I'm supposed to carry one in case I'm stung by a bee. I just Googled salicylates in food to see what else might be dangerous. Very interesting.

Guillaume Romagny says:

Nice to watch you. A MD told me it is not an anaphylactic shock, it is a quinck oedema. Quite dangerous to suffocate but if you are young you can survive. You did, I did. Anaphylactic shock is deadly without epinephrine injection because the heart will not restart. So it is a very complex reaction involving many compounds, you may not reproduce because of the timing. In my case, cleaning sprayed product and common antibiotics. So now I have a reaction to the antibiotics alone but less dangerous if isolated. So I avoid some sprayed chemical. I managed to survive alone in my flat unable to call for help. breathing was short. 3 hours later, I was better but all my skin was red as HellBoy. My family MD gave me a shot of corticoids, my skin was better within minutes. Voilà

Adoptdontshop says:

Glad you are ok!

Domenica Idrovo says:

Last year, I had the same allergic reaction with seafood in Peru. Later on I found out Im allergic to 1 of the spices. It was horrible! I'm sooo glad you are ok ! 😊

Serenity Mercer says:

I had a perfect storm happen as well!

Fee says:

Great video!

nikkayslife says:

You should be a teacher! You have such a great way of explaining things in a way to understand easily.

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