I Notice.

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Please excuse the piggy eyes. Allergies, man.


Adrian Montagut says:

You go girl! 🙂

tetsubo57 says:

No, but I do understand the sentiment.

dynamitekatie says:

Abandoned, disheveled shacks/houses/barns on the side of the road.
As of about a year ago I search for them avidly and I want to explore them ALL.

Vincent Tan says:

I think there's an experiment (don't cite me on this) or something where people who buy a certain type of car, suddenly notices that type of car everywhere. People notice what they want to notice.

Gvf77x says:

I'm mezmorised by those plushies at the end o.o

tetsubo57 says:

I have spent the past three decades trying to divest myself of the 'heritage' bequeathed to me by my parents. Not everything we inherit is good.

tallatstarbucks says:

While I think it's really cool that we are such products of our environments, I can't help but be a little bit saddened when I think about it because that means that it can be so hard to find things you're truly interested in if you aren't exposed to them. I feel like there are things that I missed out on simply because they weren't in my immediate environment.

thecindylorraine says:

I consider myself a very observant of things around me.
Did you dad compete in years past?

Emelenzia says:

I personally I am addicted to watching to gymnastics, diving, and rowing but I never had any remote exposure to any of these outside of the Olympics (no one I know watches the Olympics either ) so no clue where my love for these events actually come from.

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